Where is the Best Weed Retreat For a Vacation?

Where is the Best Weed Retreat For a Vacation?

Weed Retreat

To the cannabis enthusiast, a vacation without weed may not be a vacation worth having. After all, anyone who has ever been on a road trip, through airport security, or bus-hopped to a vacation knows that travel is stressful. Cannabis is a great way to relax after all that planning, packing, and traveling. Or at least it would be if finding and smoking weed at most vacation spots was easier!

Why, as a cannabis consumer, choose a vacation spot where smoking could get you in trouble? At best you’ll have to sneak quick puffs in secret, and at worst you may even run into some trouble with the law! Instead of risking it, take advantage of the growing cannabis business and treat yourself to a weed retreat!

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Where Should You Go for Your Weed Retreat?

Figuring out where to go for your weed retreat can be difficult. Should you go where cannabis is already 100 percent legal, or take a risk and vacation in a cannabis-ambivalent area? Knowing your options is important since you don’t want to plan a weed retreat where possession alone could put you in prison. Instead of giving up on cannabis, plan to take your vacation somewhere pro-cannabis:

  • Amsterdam: Everyone knows that the mecca of all weed retreats is Amsterdam. If you have the money, time, and inclination, a trip to Amsterdam is ideal for vacationing with cannabis in mind. Enjoy coffee shops, local grows, and the beautiful culture of that small corner of Northern Europe!
  • California: Weed has been a part of Californian culture for decades, but the recent legalization of recreational pot has brought cannabis to the forefront. Planning a weed retreat in California is easy: start anywhere your heart desires and follow the coast to the nearest dispensary.
  • Colorado: Colorado was ahead of the game when it came to legalizing recreational cannabis back in 2012. Now they’ve had years to refine their weed industry, and it shows. Just like wine tasting, Colorado offers cannabis tours that really are the definition of a weed retreat.
  • Jamaica: As hard as it is to believe, weed isn’t technically legal in Jamaica. Despite this, Jamaica is still considered to be a veritable cannabis haven for stoners looking for a truly memorable vacation experience. After all, a large portion of modern cannabis culture stems from this tropical island, home of the Rastafari and reggae legend, Bob Marley.
  • Nevada: Already a popular spot for raucous vacationing, Nevada is a great place to plan your weed retreat! You can hit Las Vegas, gamble, smoke cannabis, drink — whatever you want! After all, what happens while stoned in Las Vegas stays in Las Vegas (and weed-induced memory loss is only half to blame).
  • Washington: Like Colorado, Washington State legalized recreational cannabis all the way back in 2012. Because of this, Washington has had the time to develop a wide array of weed-related retreats. And besides, this coastal weed sanctuary is beautiful enough to warrant a visit with or without cannabis. All that weed is just an added plus!

Cannabis Retreats You’ll Want To Add To Your Bucket List

Weed Retreat

Looking to get away? Need inspo for that girls trip you have been wanting to plan?

As cannabis legalization continues to spread throughout the United States, new experiences and trends begin to develop. Well, what’s the newest and hottest trend you ask…  cannabis inclusive retreats.

We have curated a list of the top 5 cannabis retreats you need to add to your travel and bucket list.

Glowing Goddess Getaway

Glowing Goddess Getaway is a private members-only social club in which women use cannabis to promote self-confidence, and women empowerment through creativity and spirituality.

GGG promotes high five standards in which they strive to live by, they are: self- love, inclusivity, empathy, good fun, and mindfulness. Glowing Goddess Getaway takes place four weekends out of the year in both Southern and Northern California.

There is open enrollment for $4.20 per month and there are three different packages to choose from. If you are looking to become apart of a sisterhood that is an advocate for feminism, health and wellness, as well as cannabis this is definitely something you need to add to your travel list in 2019.


Ganjasana is best described as a “collective vision where women radically self-express and share talents.” Ganjasana hosts many retreats that pair yoga and the ancient plant ceremony traditions of the Shipibo Indigenous people.

Although, Ganjasana promotes the education of the healing properties of marijuana they also hosts workshops such as Vibrant which is a sex positive circle that promotes sexual health advice.

This experience is for ladies who are looking to broaden their spectrum of knowledge around the cannabis plant.

Cannabliss Retreats

Headquartered in Venice, California,  Cannabliss is a community in which helps educate its retreat goers on how to strengthen the body, expand the mind, and awaken the spirit with cannabis.

With it being Cannibliss’ fifth Spirit of Cannabis Tour guests will have the opportunity to indulge and venture with the culture of Jamaica.

While on the trip guests will be able to experience the wholesome cuisine of Jamaica, listen to expert cannabis panelists, practice yoga and meditation as well as be able to immerse themselves in cultural cannabis ceremonies. This is most definitely where you want to book your next summer vacation.

Twisted Sister Yoga

Twisted Sister Yoga is an invitation-only experience that allows you to connect power and purpose. Two experiences are offered through Twisted Sister Yoga such as ganja yoga retreats and ganja yoga classes.

This experience allows you to breathe the fresh air of the Rocky Mountains as well as meditate and clear your mind with the help of cannabis. This is a yoga and spa retreat so if you are looking to unwind and cleanse your soul, this is the place to do it.

With vegetarian food, daily spa treatments and yoga, Twisted Sister Yoga is the ultimate self- love experience.

420 Yoga Retreats

Weed Retreat

Calling all the free-spirits! 420 Yoga is lead by Yogi- D and his team. Guests will enjoy a weekend in Colorado and or Alberta Canada, where they will be able to explore and relax through five ganja yoga sessions.

This weekend retreat is filled with “movement, meditation, massage & marijuana.” 420 Yoga Retreats encourages its guests to center their artistic expression and movement meditation.

This experience is a safe place where you can just chill or be bursting with energy. 420 Yoga retreats is a great place for first- timers as well as those who want to explorer the benefits of ganja yoga.

Whether you are looking to unwind or just be around like- minded women who share their love for the plant, there is a place for everyone.

Each of these communities has the opportunity to raise consciousness by creating an open- minded space and sanctuary for cannabis culture.

So the next time you are planning a girls trip or even just a trip for yourself consider attending one of these dope inclusive experiences.

Weed Retreat

Cannabis-Friendly Hotels

Luxurious hotels, bed and breakfasts, and even quaint, family-run inns are realizing just how profitable combining comfort and cannabis can be. Common amenities for cannabis friendly hotels are vape friendly rooms, rentable dab gear, complimentary joints, and designated weed smoking areas. Add an all-you-can-eat buffet, a hot tub, and cable and you have the perfect weed retreat. You don’t even have to leave the building to enjoy your vacation!

Restaurants That Cook With Cannabis

Who said a retreat has to be overnight and far away? A 4/20 friendly meal may be just the mini-vacation you need, and with legalization on the rise, more and more cannabis restaurants are popping up. They’ll pair your wine with your weed and serve you a full course meal that’s just as potent as it is tasty.

Cannabis Wellness Getaways

From yoga retreats to spa days, cannabis has found its niche in the wellness community. A wide array of cannabis-centric getaways, retreats, and classes are available to the health-conscious stoner. Why choose a sober yoga class when you can find one that allows (if not downright encourages) smoking weed before, during, and after class? Take some time for yourself on one of many available cannabis wellness getaways.

4/20 Festivals And Events

If you want the ultimate weed retreat, consider a mid-April vacation in an area with a dense cannabis community. San Francisco, Portland, Seattle, Denver — anywhere with a lot of stoners is bound to celebrate the highest of all holidays. You won’t find anything quite like an organized festival full of stoners, especially when the clock strikes 4:20 and the sky is hazed out by a thick cloud of weed smoke.

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The Great Outdoors

When all else fails, the best place to have your own personal weed retreat may be out in the great outdoors. Beaches, forests, meadows, and even rocky cliffs can make the perfect spot for a cannabis vacation. You can bring a blanket, pitch up a tent, or just explore the great outdoors with nothing in your pocket but weed (and a lighter, hopefully).

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