What is Reclaim

What is Reclaim

Many of us cannabis users have dabbled with concentrates at least once. You may have noticed an accumulation of resin in your rig that looks like the dab you just inhaled, only darker, as a result of this recent surge in concentrate popularity. So, what exactly is the goopy resin? The answer is reclaim, and there’s a lot more to it than you might imagine.

Reclaim, like resin in a pipe, is the residue that accumulates in your dab rig after dabbing concentrate. It’s typically orange or brown in color, and it can have high amounts of THC like resin.

In fact, MCR Laboratories in Massachusetts evaluated four samples of reclaim and found THC concentrations ranging from 30% to 60%. Reclaim also contained all essential cannabinoids at normal levels, with higher amounts of cannabinol (CBN), which is generally connected with drowsiness or sleepiness, than you would find in concentrates or flowers.

So, what is Reclaim?

Reclaim is the build-up that accumulates in your dab rig after dabbing concentrates, similar to resin in a pipe. It’s commonly orange or brown in color, and it, like resin, can contain high quantities of THC.

Reclaim contained THC levels of 30% to 60%, according to MCR Laboratories, which is based in Massachusetts. Reclaim was also found to include all important cannabinoids at concentrations greater than those typically seen in concentrates or flower, with higher amounts of cannabidiol (CBD), which is commonly associated with drowsiness or sleepiness.

MCR Labs is a cannabis testing laboratory that recently tested several samples of dabbing reclaim and discovered that they still contained substantial amounts of THC (40-50%), as well as at least four additional cannabinoids, including CBN.

The statement also implies that reclaim is at least 85% decarboxylated because of dabbing’s high heating. This means that it is highly concentrated when infused or added to food or beverages, and it may be absorbed topically with no problem.

Reclaim dissolves into coffee or hot chocolate and may be used to make almost any meal. It may be taken in gel capsules, but it has a pungent flavor and greasy texture that must be avoided. When eating or otherwise consuming reclaim, start slow and go easy. Its effects are quick and powerful, but they last for quite some time. You can always eat more; you can’t reverse the process.

Of course, you may repeat the process. It will lose a substantial portion of its original terpenes, and because to the greater CBN ratio, it might provide somewhat more sedative effects than fresh dabs did, but it’ll get you out of your rut on one of those gloomy days.


Reclaim is very sticky and immovable if handled with your hands or fingers. Simply don’t do it. It will reactivate if you put it in extremely hot water, and draining some of those large balls or chunks of reclaim onto a non-stick surface like a silicone pad is excellent. However, on its own, water seldom works.

You’ll almost certainly need to use a non-toxic cleanser like the ones we sell here at The Dab Lab if you want a crystal clear cleaning. Alternatively, for an especially adhesive scenario, consider some isopropyl alcohol or grain alcohol. You must think about what your strategy will be once the reclaim is back in your possession.

If you intend to drink it, non-toxic alternatives or grain alcohol are your best bets. The reclaim breaks down as a consequence of the solvent and is evenly mixed with the fluid solvent. Because all residual solvent must be eliminated, the solution must be allowed to spread as thinly as possible in order for all remaining solvent to evaporate.

If you wish to smoke or dab it again, the techniques outlined above are not ideal, and a basic drop-down attachment or a reclaimer adaptor for your preferred dab rig is advised. Before releasing it into your percolator, a decent drop-down will keep a large portion of your reclaim in a dry chamber. When the capacity of the trap chamber is used up, just remove the drop down from your rig, turn it over, and apply gentle heat as you watch the honey-like reclaim ooze its way down and out of your drop down and onto your nonstick silicone surface below.

How to collect reclaim and clean a dab?

Reclaim can build up fast, especially for those who are inexperienced with heating the nail correctly. If you heat a dab nail too low, it will leave behind a puddle, but if you heat it too high, your dabs will burn. Regular cleaning can ensure that your dab rig is clean and your combustibles taste great.

The attachments and reclaim catchers may be utilized to divert your nail away from the dab rig and collect the drop as it goes through the downstem. To get the oils to flow down into these attachments, warm them with your blowtorch.

If you don’t have a reclaim collector attachment, soak your glass rig in high-proof alcohol, a hot plate, a razor blade, paper towels, and a Pyrex dish to remove the reclaim. Here’s how to collect your reclaim:

  1. Fill your dab rig with enough alcohol to cover the reclaimed-encrusted parts.
  2. To avoid water seeping out of the mouthpiece and glass joint, cover them with a paper towel.
  3. Shake the device to remove the reclaim from the mouthpiece and glass joint. If necessary, run it under hot water where the reclaim remains trapped. Repeat this process until no more recover is seen. Combine all of the ingredients in a Pyrex dish.
  4. Heat the dish on a hot plate at the lowest possible temperature. Do not heat your dish over an open flame because the evaporated alcohol is combustible. After the liquid has vanished, leave your reclaim to rest for a day to allow it to dry out. Scrape off any excess with a razor blade and use as you wish.

How to use reclaim?

The reclaimed solution isn’t edible unless the solution has been purged. Reclaim is used in dabbing, edibles, tinctures, and topicals. Because reclaim dabs haven’t been decarboxylated yet, they won’t have the same flavor as their original form. You may add them to any recipe to make marijuana-infused edibles by heating them first. They’re already decarboxylated, so you can add them to any dish for infused THC food.

The flavor of your dabbing material may be affected by residue build-up. The odor left in your dab rig after you’re done using it might produce dabs that are too harsh. Collecting your reclaim can help you tide yourself over when you’re running low on concentrates. Cleaning out your dab rig ensures that your dabs are flavorful and potent without the presence of unpleasant smoke notes.

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