Weed Strains For Halloween

Weed Strains For Halloween

Weed Strains For Halloween

Spooky season has arrived, not just on the drugstore shelves, but also in our stoner hearts. Bereft of traditional revelries, however, 2021’s celebrations will require either more or less creativity, depending on where you sit on the cannabis spectrum. Whether you’re inhaling full-size snickers bars and watching a horror film marathon or Instagramming your would-be costumes at a zoom party, weed is going to make your Halloween altogether more fun.

The strains may have seriously Ooky-Spooky vibes, but don’t judge a nug by its label; each of these cultivars is exceptionally suited to all manners of wholesome — or terrifying — Halloween foolishness. 

Keep in mind, your endocannabinoid system is like your fingerprint, totally unique to you. The effects described below may not line up neatly across the board for all users, and your experience is yours alone. 

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Jack the Ripper

Weed Strains For Halloween

Jack the Ripper is a hybrid with a pronounced sativa bend, but who’s onset eases into a slow wave. Most users find the high both powerfully euphoric and gently buoyant, without the telltale manic edge many sativas tend towards. If your low-key solution to a canceled Halloween bash is an intimate dance party, this is the strain for you and your three guests. 

Jack the Ripper was bred from a clone of Jack’s Cleaner and a male variation of Space Queen known as Space Dude. The resulting flowers are dense and resinous with a  terpene profile rich in terpinolene and pinene. Anticipate measured notes of fruity funk and crisp pine on a velvety exhale. 

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Candy Kush

Candy Kush is, biologically, a balanced hybrid, but this strain can produce results on either side of the fulcrum depending on the how, where, and why of its consumption. One effect, however, seems ubiquitous despite the user’s disposition: legendary munchies. So whether you’re waking and baking or resting and congesting, stock up your Halloween candy bucket before indulging in this strain.

Candy Kush is a mashup of OG Kush and Trainwreck — some phenotypes display a spicier sativa dominance, while others gently slant into a complacent indica. And the “Candy” designation refers to more than just expectable munchies, this strain terpene profile is loud with limonene and myrcene, a nuanced combination that’s lemon tart in the nose and candy-sweet on exhale.  

Monster Cookies

For those introverted who’ve already made a Halloween date with their couch, fave blanket, and a curated scary movie playlist, Monster Cookies is the strain to keep you locked in and chilled out all night long — or at least until you snack yourself to sleep. Often referred to as a nighttime strain, the high is deeply relaxing in both mind and body. The head tends to be cottony and insulative, while the body feels softer than a cartoon ottoman. The result is a deeply stoney indica effect that dances on the razor edge of elation and tranquilization.

Born from a marriage of GSC (formerly known as Girl Scout Cookies) and Granddaddy Purple, this cultivar’s terpene expression is peppery on top with tart underpinnings of citrus and pine  on the tail end of the exhale. The aroma is reminiscent of Grandaddy Purple with notes of grape and berry pulling the most attention, but overall the mouthfeel is earthy and mild.


Not only does Frankenberry ramp up the ghoulish effects a notch as you puff a joint and watch Michael Myers get back up for the tenth time, but it also takes you back to mornings before school, eating a bowl of the strawberry-marshmallow cereal — and so does the strain’s cake-y, berry flavor.

Weed Strains For Halloween

Ghost OG

Ghost OG won’t rip you apart immediately, instead initially giving a body high with strong accompanying focus. Euphoric effects on the mind peak about twenty or thirty minutes later, just about the time that body high turns into an epic case of the munchies, whether you last ate five minutes or five hours ago. Medical benefits include treating anxiety, pain, inflammation, headaches, glaucoma, eating disorders and exhaustion.

Weed Strains For Halloween

Green Goblin

Considering the new Spiderman movie came out this year, pulling out a strain named after one of his most famous villains would be quite timely. A great strain for fans of sativa.

Durban Poison

While it won’t actually poison your guests, it is known to create very strong psychoactive effects. Could be a great strain before watching a horror movie.


This is a great strain for relatively new marijuana users because it contains only a moderate amount of THC.

Black Widow

While not a strain for first time users, it’s known to make people super-relaxed for an entire night. It might be a good way to deal with visiting a particularly spooky haunted house.


My favorite strain names take me back to childhood or otherwise tap into nostalgia, like Bruce Banner, Duke Nukem and Smurfette, all of which are actual names of pot. So imagine my joy last year when I came across Ecto-Cooler, a strain named after the Ghostbusters-themed Hi-C drink in the ’90s made to turn from orange to green in honor of Slimer, the movie’s fat, lovable undead ball of ectoplasm.

Weed Strains For Halloween

Witches Weed

A hybrid of Chemdawg D, Cinderella 99, OG Kush and San Fernando Valley OG, Witches Weed certainly sounds like it was brewed up in a cauldron, and its funky high is almost supernatural. Some people don’t like the unpredictable high, but most tokers don’t have a tolerance level high enough to notice the differences. I compare its effects to a weed salad: mixing a handful of different strains together for one sweet mindfuck. But what Witches Weed lacks in consistency, it makes up for in flavor.


Chernobyl was the Soviet facility that experienced a reactor malfunction in 1986, resulting in one of the worst nuclear-power-plant accidents in history. The nearby town of Pripyat, Ukraine, is still abandoned, and the disaster’s long-term effects are expected to kill up to 60,000 people, largely from thyroid cancer. Chernobyl the strain’s bright-green color has a radiant glow, and its genetics are somewhat ghastly, too, hailing from a blend of Trainwreck, Jack the Ripper and Trinity. Still, I’d rather think of Mr. Burns or the Springfield Isotopes after smoking this citrus delight than death, disease and destruction.

Weed Strains For Halloween

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