Weed Coffee

Weed Coffee

Weed Coffee

For some people, this is the most enjoyable way to start or end the day, combining two products they love: coffee and cannabis; the science concludes that coffee consumption increases the desire to consume cannabis. We discuss how to prepare this combination and its effects, among other things.

With marijuana legalized in an increasing number of states, experts continue to explore its potential benefits, side effects, and interactions with other substances.

The interactions between caffeine and marijuana aren’t totally clear yet. Still, you don’t have to look too hard to find products that already mix caffeine with two key compounds of marijuana, CBD and THC.

The Science Of Cannabis Coffee

Cannabis coffee contains two main components: caffeine and THC. It’s the combination of those two chemicals that makes cannabis coffee unique.


At the biological level, the caffeine in cannabis coffee (or even just regular coffee) does a number of cool things, including:

  • Boosts the effects of serotonin and dopamine
  • Blocks adenosine receptors in your brain (so you don’t feel tired)
  • Signals the release of adrenaline
  • Increases blood flow
  • Helps muscles contract

All of those effects combine into the umbrella idea that coffee gives you energy and makes you more alert.


Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past decade, you should be familiar with the cannabinoid THC. It’s the chemical responsible for producing the infamous “high” that gives marijuana its good and bad reputation.

Once THC arrives in your brain — it doesn’t matter whether you smoke it or eat it or rub it on your skin — the molecule mimics cannabinoid chemicals that occur naturally in your body. That makes it easy for the THC to attach itself to your cannabinoid receptors.

These receptors are found in the cerebral cortex, cerebellum, and basal ganglia, where they govern the processes of thinking, memory, motor movements, pleasure, coordination, and concentration.

The reason THC affects these areas so much more than other active cannabinoids, like CBD, comes down to shape.

Because of its specific molecular structure, THC binds like a bud in a rug to your neurotransmitters — the spaces that carry communication between your neurons. It mimics anandamide (the bliss molecule), which is a natural cannabinoid found in the body.

Once firmly attached, THC takes on anandamide’s role, stimulating brain cells to release more dopamine. This hormone is what’s responsible for all those good vibes you feel when buzzing.

Once pleasantly planted in the brain, THC can cause a range of sensory side effects, including euphoria, alertness, calmness, fragmentary thoughts, and lightheadedness.

5-Step Guide to Delicious THC-Infused Coffee

Weed Coffee

Okay – so here is the bit you have been looking forward to, and probably the reason you are here in the first place! Our tasty, easy, and quick THC coffee requires just a few staple ingredients to create:

  • Coffee (whatever your favorite is!)
  • 3 cups of water
  • Butter or coconut oil
  • Cannabis of your choice (recipe calls for ½ gram)


  1. To start with, you want to break your weed down into small pieces for ease later on. We recommend using a good quality grinder for this.
  2. Once you have crushed your cannabis down to a suitable size, heat your water (3 cups) over medium heat on the hob. Bring the water gently to the boil. You want to add your butter or coconut oil into the boiling water so that it melts. The butter/oil helps to absorb the cannabis as it boils, making for your high-hitting coffee later on!
  3. Sprinkle in your crushed-up cannabis and leave for around 35-40 minutes. This shouldn’t require too much watching over but stirring occasionally is essential.
  4. Once your time has passed, you need to strain the mixture through a small hole sieve. Once sieved through, you are now ready to prepare your coffee!
  5. Take your coffee of choice and add the combination together, adding any extras such as sugar as desired.

Benefits Of Weed Coffee

The buzz is just one benefit that comes with weed coffee. If you’re a wake and baker, then you know how exhilarating it is to start your day with a bowl pack of dank. Even on dreadful days, a few puffs of weed first thing in the AM will have you feeling like you’re living your best life. Weed coffee delivers the same vibes smoke-free.

Weed coffee is also a stealthy way to consume cannabis. You can pour it into a tumbler and sip on it throughout the day as if it was your usual from Dunkin Donuts. The THC to caffeine ratios vary too, so you can use weed coffee however you want to, whether you’re basing it on the time of day or your mental/physical state. If you’re sensitive to both caffeine and THC, for instance, then there’s weed coffee that comes lightly caffeinated, CBD heavy.

You still get that get-up-and-go in the morning but don’t get all jittery and weak. Or, you can enjoy weed coffee at night. There is weed coffee made for nighttime use, which can help you unwind and de-stress after a tough day just as well, sort of like a joint after before bed.

Desired Effects

Weed Coffee

If you’re looking for even more energy and enhanced creativity with your cup of joe, try a sativa strain like Sour Diesel (although what this would do to the flavor, we have no idea).

If you want to be wide awake while still feeling relaxed (and without the caffeine jitters), try an indica strain like Skywalker.

And if you want the best of both worlds — creative and calm — try a hybrid like Fruity Pebbles or Kandy Kush.

If you do choose to brew your own cannabis coffee, it may take some experimentation before you get it just right. But don’t be afraid to fail. Like pizza, even the worst cannabis coffee is still good.

Are There Any Side Effects of Cannabis or CBD Infused Coffee?

Yes, there are some potential side effects, most of which are minimal and stem largely from the caffeine.

Given the relationship between caffeine, THC, and adenosine, cannabis-infused coffee has the potential to cause the jitters, paranoia, and an unpleasant high.

CBD, on the other hand, is less likely to exert side effects, but here too elevated tension is a possible side effect, as well as potential sleepiness.

It all comes down to how much you take. While underdosing may render very little to no effects, going over the recommended amount may lead to an unpleasant experience.

That goes for all three substances. A caffeine overload in itself may put you in a bad spot.

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