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Weed Distillate Guide

Cannabis distillate is a newer technique for distilling cannabinoids from plant material to produce a concentrate. Cannabis Distillate, often known as “the pure,” is the result of this production process, which essentially produces a cannabis… Read More »Weed Distillate Guide

Cannabis resin guide

Cannabis is rapidly becoming legal in many parts of the United States, and many newly introduced individuals are curious about the plant’s preparations. Cannabis resin, often known as reclaim, is a byproduct of smoked cannabis… Read More »Cannabis resin guide

All About BHO

What exactly is BHO? It’s a process for extracting the most popular cannabinoids and terpenes of today. Butane is utilized in the purge. It’s also known as Butane Honey Oil because of its honey-like color.… Read More »All About BHO

All About Shatter

Shatter is a cannabis extract that looks like glass when broken. It gets its shattered appearance through specialized procedures involving solvents such as butane or other hydrocarbons, which gives it the look of glass. Concentrating… Read More »All About Shatter