The Strongest Cannabis Strain 2022

The Strongest Cannabis Strain 2022

Cannabis is now legal in many states for either medicinal or recreational purposes or both. However, caution should always be exercised when consuming this product, as certain strains are notably strong. The increased potency in marijuana is largely due to improvements in cultivation methods. As both technology and knowledge of cannabis have advanced, due to research, more powerful strains have been created. So what are the strongest cannabis strains offered today? If you’d like to buy the strongest cannabis strain, use cannabis delivery to your home.

A Note About Cannabis Strength

With great potency comes great responsibility. While measuring a strain’s strength by its THC content seems logical, this can be somewhat misleading. THC content is one of many factors that determines the way a strain works. 

Some strains with low to modest THC content boast powerful effects due to their balance of other cannabinoids and terpenes. Additionally, THC content is not always consistent. 

While growers often try to maximize the THC content of each strain they grow for an audience seeking heavy-hitting cannabis, there is no standard THC content for any one strain. You may see popular strains like the Hulk and Blue Dream at anywhere from 15% to 30% THC. Did you know that weed from the 70s only had 3-4% THC ? We’re no longer smoking your grandpa’s weed. 

In short: the functional power of cannabis seldom directly correlates with its THC content.

Many of the strongest cannabis strains contain high levels of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), which is the primary psychoactive compound found in marijuana. THC is the cannabinoid responsible for creating the “high” sensation associated with smoking cannabis. If you are seeking longer-lasting relief, a stronger strain may be beneficial. Here are five of the strongest cannabis strains currently on the market and what makes each one unique.

Granddaddy Purple

Granddaddy Purple boasts the flavor of red wine, as well as a little bit of the flavor of the cellar it was stored in. It’s fruity, musky, and sophisticated. It also happens to be exactly what you need when it’s time to chill out. If you’re feeling a bit anxious, this beloved Indica-dominant strain does an excellent job of taking the edge off. Give yourself a Granddaddy Purps break, engage in a little self-care, and get back in the game feeling refreshed and soothed.

Cinderella 99

Cinderella 99 has a sour and sweet citrus flavor reminiscent of lemonade. It will do something that lemonade certainly cannot. This strain is notorious for being an energizing heavy hitter. As lovely as it can be to sit comfortably in one place, this strain won’t let you stay planted in your chair. You’ll clean the whole house from top to bottom. You’ll dance and socialize all night. The electrifying wave is virtually unstoppable.

Vanilla Frosting

Vanilla Frosting is sweet enough to slather on a cake. This is the perfect strain for those moments when you need to engage in a creative outlet. Compose something beautiful on your guitar. Take out your old box of watercolors. Knit a sweater, do your makeup, or make a birdhouse. This strain helps you be the most innovative and inspired version of yourself. 

Runners Up: Bruce Banner, Headband, Strawberry Shortcake, Berry Pie, and Cake Batter.

Sundae Driver

Sundae Driver tastes like creamy, fruity cereal with an extra hint of grape. There’s something about this strain that gives people the giggles. If you need to spend an afternoon reconnecting with your sense of humor, Sundae Driver (and perhaps a Monty Python marathon) will make it easy to laugh off some steam.

Godfather OG

Godfather OG, which is especially popular in Southern California, is one of several types of “OG” strains. It belongs to the indica marijuana plant and is frequently recommended for treating pain and insomnia. Godfather OG is also known for its spicy scent and hints of grape. This strain can have THC levels as high as 28%, according to cannabis news website Leafly. If you are unafraid of some drowsiness, Godfather OG – also known as “The Don of All OGs” – may serve as an excellent stress reliever.

The Pungent Chemdawg

Per cannabis price comparison platform Wikileaf, Chemdawg typically has a THC content that falls between 15 and 20%. This strain, whose exact origins remain unknown, is characterized by medium-sized buds and long, tapered flowers. Chemdawg is also known for its extremely pungent smell of musk and pine. The high produced by this strain will hit you rapidly, and you may also feel your senses become heightened after inhaling it. Chemdawg typically helps more with stress and anxiety than with insomnia.

Irish Cream

Irish Cream is a strain with predominantly indica properties, although it also contains sativa, and has a strong floral scent and can smell sweet and fruity when cured properly. It is created via a backcross of Mighty Irish Hope. According to, Irish Cream contains between 16 and 17% THC and approximately 1% cannabidiol (CBD, another psychoactive compound found in cannabis that helps treat anxiety and depression). This strain will leave you relaxed for an extended period of time and may even generate a strong sense of euphoria.

White Tahoe Cookies

This is another indica-dominant strain that contains approximately 21.5% THC. Created by Kush4Breakfast, it also induces great relaxation and euphoria and is known for its peppery aroma, which is attributed to the high concentration of caryophyllene (chemical compound,C15H24) contained inside it. White Tahoe Cookies can also have a citrusy flavor, as it contains a relatively low concentration of the compound limonene. White Tahoe Cookies is created by mixing The White X Tahoe OG strain and an unknown Girl Scout Cookies cut.

Strawberry Banana

Also known as “Strawnana,” this cannabis strain can have THC levels of up to 23% and is notable due to its heavy resin production. Strawberry banana will make you feel extremely relaxed and ecstatic, and may even spark a sense of creativity and interest in problem-solving. It has a mostly citrusy aroma, but can also have a slightly herbal and peppery scent. The high produced by Strawnana builds slowly, similar to other strong indica-dominant strains.

If you have decided to consume a potent cannabis strain for the first time, whether by inhaling or by eating edibles, it’s important to be extra careful. This is because certain strains can induce side effects and symptoms such as dry mouth, dizziness, and headaches if inhaled in large amounts. Be sure to consult with an expert for more information on strong strains.

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