The Stoner Kit

The Stoner Kit

The Stoner Kit

What is cannabis?

Cannabis, also known as marijuana, is a product of the plant Cannabis sativa. After alcohol, cannabis is the most commonly used psychoactive substance (a drug that affects your mind) in Canada. The main active chemical in marijuana, also present in other forms of cannabis, is THC (delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol).
Of the roughly 400 chemicals found in the cannabis plant, THC affects the brain the most. It is a mind-altering
chemical that gives those who use cannabis a high. Another active chemical in cannabis is CBD (cannabidiol), which is presently being studied and used for medical purposes.

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What does it look like?
Cannabis consists of the dried flowers, fruiting tops and leaves from the marijuana plant. It is most commonly a
greenish or brownish colour. Cannabis resin (or hashish) is a brown or black secretion from the marijuana plant that can be further processed to produce hash oil, wax or “shatter,” a relatively recent by-product of cannabis. Shatter is a concentrated extract with very high levels of THC.2

What Is Cannabis? Facts About Its Components, Effects, and Hazards

What are some terms for cannabis?

Marijuana, bud, blunt, chronic, dab, dope, ganja, grass, green, hash, herb, joint, loud, mary jane, mj,
pot, reefer, skunk, smoke, trees, wax, weed.

How is it used?

Cannabis is commonly rolled into a cigarette (called a “joint”) or in a cigar (called a “blunt”) or it’s smoked in a pipe or water pipe (called a “bong”). A single intake of smoke is called a “hit.” Cannabis resin can be vaporized and/or smoked in a pipe or bong (where the smoke is drawn through water before inhaling it).
In addition, there are cannabis concentrates such as hash, wax, shatter, tinctures and oil, most of which are ingested
by heating and then inhaling the smoke. Cannabis can also be brewed as tea or mixed into food and ingested as edible candies, cookies and brownies.3 Cannabis can also be laced with other substances (e.g. cocaine). Available evidence suggests that cannabis can also be contaminated with pesticides and harmful chemicals.

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Anything worth doing is worth doing well—including smoking cannabis. Like enjoying fine wine or good cigars, there is an art to enjoying marijuana. This means taking the time to understand the various strains and their effects as well as employing the proper tools and accessories to maximize the pleasure and effects of each smoking experience. The following is a list of items every serious stoner should have on hand when it’s time to put one in the air.

Proper cannabis storage

Because light, moisture, air, and temperature can all degrade the potency of marijuana, it’s important to store bud in a way that protects it from all of the above. Hence, keeping weed in a sandwich bag or foil in an underwear drawer is not the move. There are plenty of stash boxes on the market that offer secure, discreet weed-saving storage with odor protection to boot. Optimal storage is typically glass or ceramic with an air-tight seal. If storing multiple strains, it is also strongly advised to keep each strain separated from both other strains and smoking paraphernalia to maintain the flower’s integrity.

Herb grinder

A good grinder speeds up the rolling process, helps conserve the stash, and saves hands from smelling like a pot farm. Separating by hand strips the plant of its pollen and therefore reduces its potency. Ground weed is both easier to roll, and burns more slowly and evenly.

Hemp wraps

For those who prefer blunts over joints, bongs, or pipes, hemp wraps offer a cleaner, healthier smoke as they are free of nicotine and tobacco additives. Because tobacco and nicotine are chemical stimulants, hemp wraps also afford a more relaxing and flavorful smoke.

Blunt slicer

For any blunt lover who can’t get tobacco-free wraps, a blunt cutter is essential. Splitting a blunt by hand often presents the challenge of rips and tears in the wrap which can lend to weed falling out or a problematic burn. A blunt slicer, however, gives the blunt a perfect, even cut every time.

Rolling tray

It takes a flat surface to roll a good joint or blunt. Sure a table or a book will do, but why take the chance of rolling up pet hair, dust or heaven knows what else in your blunt? A dedicated rolling tray provides the perfect weed-only surface area, prevents herb from spilling everywhere during the process, and makes rolling easier overall. Some fancy trays even provide compartments for all of your various marijuana accoutrement.

Pipe cleaners

For pipe and bong users, a clean instrument is a better instrument as it delivers a faster, smoother high with better flavor. A clean pipe or bong also helps conserve weed in addition to preventing exposure to bacteria. Not changing that bong water is a recipe for infection disaster, Yo. Be sure to clean the pipe/bong after each use or at least weekly. To help clear built-up residue, use pipe cleaners. Yes, they are actually for cleaning pipes, not just elementary school-level art projects.

Torch lighter

A cigarette lighter or a book of matches will light your flower just fine, but a torch delivers distinct benefits. A torch light provides a perfect, even burn. It also quickly fires up your smoke session if you happen to be outside in windy or breezy weather.

Post-smoke toiletries

Those stoners who don’t appreciate smelling like weed or suffering from bloodshot eyes after the fact should keep air freshener (or cologne/perfume) and eye drops on hand. Breath freshener relieves the old smoke mouth while hand sanitizer cleanses the digits leaving you with an overall clean, respectable presentation no matter how high you just got.

Outdoor Marijuana Grow House Kits & Gardening Services

Outdoor Marijuana Grow House Kit - Marijuana Home Gardens

With the passage of the Smart and Safe Act (Arizona Proposition 207) Arizona now legalizes the growing of recreational marijuana by adults 21 years and older for personal use at a primary residence.

Not only is recreational marijuana legal in Arizona, but also, residents are allowed to grow and harvest for personal use up to 6 marijuana plants for an individual household or 12 marijuana plants with a household with 2 or more adults.

A Small Investment Can Save You Tens of Thousands of Dollars per Year!

If you suffer chronic pain, like to wake and bake, burn on the weekend, or just like to zest up your brownies, at $250 or more per ounce, procuring weed can be expensive!

By making an investment in an Outdoor Marijuana Grow House Kit and taking advantage of our optional gardening service contract, in 90 days you’ll be producing more smoke than Puff the Magic Dragon! Let’s do the math…based on January 2021 prices…Let’s say you are this type of smoker and the retail price per ounce is $250. You are spending approximately:

Chronic Pain Sufferer1.578$19,500
Wake And Baker152$13,000
Weekend Warrior0.526$6,500
Betty Crocker0.2513$3,250

Outdoor Growhouse Kit with Everything You Need!

We provide outdoor marijuana home garden grow house installations, accessories, soils, and gardening services with everything you will need to start an endless supply of weed! 

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