THCA Crystalline

THCA Crystalline

THCA Crystalline

“Diamonds” or THCA crystals have been trending with cannabis concentrate users over the last couple of years. Until recently, isolated THCA has been hard to find. Now, you can find them isolated or more commonly drenched with terpenes in jars labeled “sauce.” We’ll go over everything you need to know about THCA crystalline. Pure isolates and their terpene-rich byproduct live resin have been changing the cannabis concentrate game. Through mastering the creation of THCa diamonds, producers have introduced a precise and clean consumption method. 

What is THCA Crystalline?

THCA crystalline is cannabis which has been refined until it is in the form of crystals. It resembles coarse sugar in its appearance. It’s widely regarded as the most potent form of marijuana, as it contains ~99.96% THCA.

What Cannabinoids are Available in Crystalline form?

Crystalline is produced to have just one cannabinoid. The only cannabinoids available in crystalline form are THCA, CBDA, and CBD. Anyone consuming THCA, CBDA, or CBD will not experience an intoxicating high, though THCA converts to THC when exposed to heat, making the crystalline intoxicating. 

How can THCA Crystalline be used?

THCA Crystalline

THCa crystals can power both the most radical dabs and the most approachable topicals. Additional usages include use in edibles, and so these crystals are very flexible. The advantage of using them lies in their near 100 percent THC content. 

For the consumer, this advantage is apparent. While with other products it’s difficult to judge the bioavailable cannabinoids, THCa crystals or “diamonds” are nearly pure. Having this purity allows for accurate dosages, and thus a repeatable experience. 

Perhaps more groundbreaking with the rise of THCa diamonds is their pharmacological appeal. With a product that boasts almost complete purity of a single cannabinoid, it meets pharmacological standards, particularly useful for future research. Much of the available research on cannabis depends on testimony remotely supplied by volunteers; however, pure cannabinoids could allow for the study of individual cannabinoids and their potential therapeutic value. 

Don’t think these diamonds come alone, though. Through the process of creating diamonds, “live resin” is also created. Live resin is the terpene-rich sauce left behind after THCa diamonds crystalize. During the process of preparing the crystals for purging, the live resin is poured off of it. After purging, the live resin can either be added to THCa diamonds or used as an independent product. 

Recombining the diamonds and live resin creates a unique concentrate. Not only is there pure THCa present in the crystals, but the live resin is potent. With up to 50 percent cannabinoid content, the live resin can get users high on its own. Additionally, its rich terpene content allows for producers to create concentrates with only cannabis-derived terpenes. 

How is THCA Crystalline Made?

To make THCA crystalline, you start with a cannabis extract. That extract is then combined with acetic acid and hexane, which serve as solvents and dissolve away the plant compounds, such as terpenes, fats, lipids, and other cannabinoids. This step separates all those unwanted compounds from the THCA.

The next part of the process utilizes machinery, such as a rotary vessel or reactionary vessel. By using pressure, motion, and heat, the solvent is evaporated, leaving behind Δ9 tetrahydrocannabinolic acid.

This solution still contains a variety of unwanted compounds that can be removed through a process called chromatography. During chromatography, more chemicals are added to the mix to remove any unwanted compounds, and then the solution is once again put through the rotary or reactionary vessel to separate the THCA from the unwanted solvents and compounds.

By this point, the THCA molecules have chemically bonded to one another, forming a crystalline structure.

Is Crystalline Better than Other Concentrates?

THCA Crystalline

When exposed to heat, crystalline is quite potent, though the body may not experience the full effect of this extract, as it lacks the terpenes found in flower and other concentrates. Terpenes help provide the unique flavors, aromas, and other effects of each high associated with different cultivars. Without these terpenes, crystalline isn’t able to provide the same health benefits attributed to the entourage effect. 

Terpene removal is part of the crystalline production process and the resulting cannabinoids in the final product are the same, regardless of the starting plant material. For example, if a crystalline manufacturer used Durban Poison cultivar for one batch of THCA crystals, and Northern Lights cultivar for a separate batch of THCA crystals, the final products would produce the same effects. The isolated THCA crystals from one strain are identical to those from another. Dispensaries won’t carry strain-specific crystals; they simply don’t exist because THC or CBD Crystalline has no terpenes to give each cultivar its unique characteristics.

The medical uses

When dealing with such a pure substance, precision is one of the main advantages. Never before could a patient be so sure of his/her THC intake. When dealing with flower and even other extracts, it’s extremely hard to know the exact THC percentage it contains. The error margins are relatively large. With THCA crystalline, the patient can continuously assess results based on the dosage, knowing that it will always be consistent.

Edible companies will now have access to an extract that will allow for more precise dosing of products. This is an extract that will also act extremely fast, which is a great advantage, especially considering the time an edible can take to hit. This can be crucial for certain conditions treatable with THC.

Another great advantage is that, when ingested without being decarboxylated, THCA will have no psychoactive effects, but will still present various medical applications. This is great news for patients in need of THC, but who don’t enjoy the high it gives. When there is no heat or pressure applied, THCA can be placed in a drink or meal with no alteration in mental functioning.

Final Hit: THCA Crystalline

THCA crystalline has been rapidly growing in popularity since Guild Extracts introduced us to it a few years back. Isolated THCA offers two totally different ways to enjoy the benefits of the cannabis plant. If the psychoactive effects of THC put you into a panic, you’re better off eating THCA powder. For those seeking new highs, dabbing THCA will get you exactly where you want to be.

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