Marijuana Cream

Marijuana Cream

Marijuana Cream

Marijuana cream is a topical application of cannabis extracts, which can be used for a variety of purposes. Marijuana has been shown to have many therapeutic benefits and one way to use it topically is by making marijuana cream. The ingredients for the cream are simple: coconut oil, olive oil or hemp seed oil, beeswax, and high-quality marijuana extract.
The first step in this process is to melt the wax with your oils over low heat until all the wax has dissolved into the liquid mixture. Next, you will add your concentrated cannabis extract while stirring constantly so that it mixes evenly with everything else. After adding more water if needed, you’ll pour it into jars or tins and allow them to cool before applying directly onto the skin.
The marijuana cream is a topical treatment that can be used to soothe skin irritations, burns, and dryness. It’s also an excellent way for people who have been prescribed medical cannabis to apply it topically without the need for inhalation or ingestion.

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Marijuana Cream

How does it work?

Since the marijuana cream is applied topically, it does not induce a psychoactive effect. The CBD content of marijuana promotes healing and reduces inflammation at the site of application while THC offers localized relief from pain or soreness.
The high-quality cannabis extract in this recipe also helps to promote skin health by increasing elasticity and reducing age spots as well as wrinkles around your mouth or eyes. So you can be confident that even if you’re making this recipe for therapeutic reasons, you’ll get extra beauty benefits just because!


  • One ounce of cannabis buds, or trim from a plant.
  • Coconut oil (extra virgin) – one cup.
  • Beeswax – two tablespoons.
  • A jar for storage with a top that will seal securely and airtight; not plastic. Plastic degrades over time and is difficult to clean which can create cross-contamination if storing food in it! I recommend using Mason jars or any other glass container for your marijuana creams because they are easy to use and feel safe while being sealed properly. The mason jars also aren’t made with BPA like plastics so there’s no risk of chemicals leaching out into your recipe when heating ingredients on high.
  • Two tablespoons of cocoa butter.
  • Four tablespoons of shea or other non-drying oil, like avocado oil.


The first step is melting wax with oils over low heat until all wax has dissolved into a liquid mixture; Next, you add concentrated cannabis extract while stirring. After you have added the cannabis extract, turn off the heat and let the mixture cool for a few minutes; add melted cocoa butter to the cooled liquid mixture in small batches. Stirring vigorously with each addition until all is incorporated into the final product (you should notice that your ingredients are now thickening); Finally add essential oils of peppermint or lavender- this will help prevent skin irritation when used topically.

The benefits of using marijuana cream

Marijuana cream can be used topically on burns, wounds, cuts, and rashes to promote healing without any psychoactive effects. This type of application has been shown to provide relief from pain as well as reduce inflammation and redness associated with these types of injuries. In general, it’s perfect for people who need topical analgesia but don’t want the psychoactive effects of cannabis.
It also can be used as a salve for dry or cracked skin in the winter months, and this is done by applying it to hands before bedtime; Marijuana cream will make your skin feel soft like you’ve just applied butter!

Why should you use Marijuana cream instead of other creams?

  • It is a natural product and does not have any side effects.

How to apply the cream correctly:

  • Apply the marijuana cream thinly to your skin or lips as needed, about twice a day.
  • If you are applying it to sensitive areas like the mouth and eyes be very careful not to get too close with this application; put some of it on your hands first before touching those parts more directly! The content should talk about the ingredients of marijuana cream, it should include the instruction of how to make marijuana cream.

What kind of effects can I expect from using Marijuana Cream?

You will experience localized numbing that lasts for up to an hour after use. This is typically what people want when they buy topical cannabis products because there are no psychoactive effects that could interfere with their daily activities (like driving). It also means that you can use the cream to help with pain relief or other problems in specific areas of your body.

The side effects of using marijuana cream

There are many different creams that you can buy and use for pain relief, but there is a difference between the ingredients of marijuana cream and other types. For example, some people might not want to experience any psychoactive effects when they’re using topical cannabis products because it could interfere with their daily activities like driving.
People also use topical cannabis products specifically to target certain areas of the body – so if you have chronic pain in your knees then this product may be helpful for you! There’s no need to smoke or ingest anything since all of these problems can be solved by simply applying something on topically which means that you don’t even taste it either. Marijuana cream offers localized numbing that lasts up to an hour after application.
Side effect:
Marijuana cream contains ingredients that could be harmful to people with allergies or sensitivities.
People who are allergic to some plants, grasses, and trees might want to avoid using marijuana cream because it has many of the same natural compounds found in those sources as well. Marijuana can sometimes cause itching when applied topically so this is something people need to watch out for. It’s important not just use products without first checking if they’re safe for you!

Marijuana Cream

Where to buy Marijuana Cream online in Canada and the US?

Marijuana cream is readily available online in Canada and the United States as well. Marijuana Cream can be purchased from many providers of medical marijuana products. Many people will find it easiest to purchase their pot-infused creams on dispensary websites, but these items are also usually carried at dispensaries themselves. Some Canadians have found that they don’t even need to go out of their way to get this product because some pharmacies carry a range of topical products with THC or CBD infused into them. This means you won’t even need a prescription for cannabis if you’re looking for something like this!

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