How to Make Weed Yogurt: Ingredients and Recipe

How to Make Weed Yogurt: Ingredients and Recipe

How to Make Weed Yogurt Ingredients and Recipe

Are you looking for a recipe to make weed yogurt? We’ve got just the thing for you! This cannabis yogurt is perfect if you’re looking to get creative in the kitchen, or if your stomach is feeling upset and needs something soothing. In this blog post, we will show you how to make weed yogurt by giving some of our favorite recipes along with instructions on how to prepare them.

What is Weed Yogurt?

Weed yogurt is a fermented milk product, which means it contains both probiotic bacteria and yeast. The most common types of weed yogurts are made with cows’ or goats’ milk from animals that have been fed cannabis plants (the same ones used to make marijuana). These strains of weed are typically high in CBDs and low in THCs for medical purposes. The fermentation process can take anywhere between 24 hours up to a week depending on the temperature.
Weed yogurt has a light cannabis flavor that is not overwhelming like other weed edibles. This can be great for beginners or those looking to start with something mild. It’s also fairly healthy and you don’t have to eat an entire cookie, brownie, etc in order to get the desired effect you may want from eating weed edibles.
Yogurt is a healthy food that can be eaten with fruit, granola, or even as a dessert. It can also be used as a base for many weed recipes, such as cannabis fruit salad or weed ice cream.

Pro tip: For best results, use homemade yogurt and strain the liquid with a cheesecloth before mixing it in to make sure there are no grainy bits left!

Weed yogurt has great health benefits because of its probiotic qualities, which is important when dealing with stomach aches and digestion issues.

Ingredients and Recipes

How to Make Weed Yogurt: Ingredients and Recipe

Making yogurt at home is easy and economical – you can make it in your own kitchen with just a few ingredients and in less than 24 hours.
1. You’ll need: milk, a yogurt starter (either store-bought or from your previous batch), two tablespoons of sugar for every quart of milk, a half teaspoon to one tablespoon of weed per six cups of the liquid dairy product;Add a half teaspoon to one tablespoon of weed per six cups of the liquid dairy product. You can use more or less depending on how potent you want it.
Mix the milk and sugar in a pot, then heat them together while stirring until they are both dissolved (this usually takes about five minutes). Allow this mixture to cool for an hour, before adding your starter culture and waiting another four hours. When all that’s left is yogurt consistency, strain the liquid through cheesecloth before mixing it to make sure there are no grainy bits left! For best results refrigerate overnight. Enjoy!
The finished dish will look a lot like regular Greek-style yogurt, but because it’s made from weed may provide some psychoactive effects when consumed as well as being rich in calcium and potassium.
2. Ingredients: heavy whipping cream (400 ml), Greek-style plain yogurt (240 g), unsalted butter or cannabutter (120g) salt if desired, vanilla extract optional sugar as needed.
Instructions: Allow it to chill completely before serving; Beat one cup of cream with sugar and vanilla extract until stiff peaks form then stir together with yogurt mixture before rechilling in the refrigerator for one hour.
Directions: Melt butter or cannabutter in a saucepan and whisk until completely melted then add salt. Allow the mixture to cool slightly before adding it into whipped cream, stirring well with wire whip so that all are incorporated.
Add yogurt to the bowl of heavy whipping cream/sugar mix and stir together using wire whisk till blended nicely. Add your cannabis-infused oil at this point if you’re not using unsalted butter and make sure to toss lightly again after incorporating weed oil for an even consistency. Chill overnight! Serve chilled.
Now you know how to make weed yogurt!

Pros and Cons


  • No need to cook it;
  • Weed yogurt is not an overwhelming cannabis experience, it has a sweet and savory flavor. It’s perfect for breakfast or dessert!


  • The weed yogurt may spoil in a day or two, so store it as such;
  • You can’t make cannabis yogurt with dairy that contains milk protein because the heat breaks down the proteins and causes curdling; which is why we make weed yogurts using heavy cream instead of whole milk (or any other type);
  • These are high-calorie per serving, especially if you’re adding toppings like fruit or granola – but they are packed full of probiotics! They also stay good for up to 48 hours, without all the sugar found in regular yogurts.
    The weed taste can be difficult to detect in the final product if cooked too long at high heat. Don’t overcook your weed yogurt because by then you’ll have lost all of its THC potency.
How to Make Weed Yogurt: Ingredients and Recipe

Tips: You always want to make sure that there are no chunks of dark leafy matter left over when you strain the mixture; this would leave your recipe with an undesirable gritty texture and might also lead to some nasty surprises later on down the lineā€¦no one wants to ruin their day off-setting stomach aches from eating poorly made weed yogurt! So remember – never overcook it!
-All cannabis is not created equal; some strains produce a more intense or sedating experience. For this recipe, we suggest using an indica dominant strain such as White Widow for its sweet and savory taste that won’t overwhelm you with the weed flavor.
-For something similar to yogurt cheese (not like Greek Yogurt), use milk – preferably whole milk because of the added creaminess which provides a thicker texture when blended together in your blender.
-The best kitchen appliance to blend the ingredients and get them silky smooth before straining would be either an immersion blender or food processor. Be sure not to over-process too much, as doing so will release all your THC potency from adding cannabutter (remember, you don’t want to waste any).
-If the weed taste is too strong for your liking, add a tablespoon of honey or other sweetener and stir until thoroughly combined. Keep in mind that some strains produce a more intense or sedating experience, so if you are using indica dominant cannabis strains such as White Widow then this recipe will be perfect.
-For something similar to Greek yogurt (less tart), use coconut milk instead of whole milk – preferably Organic Coconut Milk because it does not contain additives with fillers like cane sugar which can affect the consistency when blended together with cannabutter in your food processor.

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