How to Make Weed Grinch Cocktail

How to Make Weed Grinch Cocktail

How to Make Weed Grinch Cocktail

The Grinch is a classic story about the holidays, but it’s less well-known as a cocktail. This year, we’re changing that tradition with our Weed Grinch Cocktail recipe!

What is a weed grinch cocktail?

A weed grinch cocktail is a drink made with gin, vodka or tequila mixed with cannabis-infused simple syrup and aromatic bitters. The Grinch, in this case, is cannabis and these drinks are perfect for any holiday party or just to enjoy while watching your favorite Christmas movie.

It can be made by adding vodka to orange juice, pineapple juice, and cranberry juice and then add some green food coloring. The best way to make a weed grinch cocktail just to mix all the ingredients together until they’re good and mixed up! 

Why should you drink it?

Drinking weed grinch cocktails is a great way to meditate and feel relaxed. It can also help take the edge off when you are feeling tense or anxious, which makes it perfect for Christmas parties where people might be drinking more than they usually do and could potentially end up in an emotional state of indecision about what gift to buy their loved ones.

The Weed Grinch cocktail combines bite from aromatic bitters with sweetness from fruit juice (usually cranberry).

How to make this cocktail?

How to Make Weed Grinch Cocktail

Grind up any sort of cannabis that you have in your possession into small pieces; don’t grind too finely because it does not need to be a tea bag consistency. Mix together the following ingredients in a cocktail shaker:

– 25ml of your favorite gin,

– dry vermouth (to taste),

– cranberry juice.

Fill the Martini glasses about a quarter full of cranberry juice and then add ice cubes to fill up half way (about an inch). Add in some bitters, like Angostura or orange bitters which will help give it that festive red hue; shake well until mixed thoroughly and pour into martini glasses.

Put the sugar on a saucer and then dip the rim of each glass in it. This will help give it that nice festive red hue.

Add cranberry juice to fill up about an inch from the top, add ice cubes until they are half way filled (an inch), shake well, and pour into martini glasses which have been dipped with sugar beforehand.

You can enjoy it even if you’re not drinking! Just substitute milk instead and drink virgin style with no alcohol at all.

Pros and cons of drinking weed grinch cocktails 


– Great for people who want to drink and still have a clear head.

– Makes it easy to know how much alcohol you are consuming with the weed grinch cocktail because there are no mixers involved; just cranberry juice and bitters.

– The sugar on the rim of the glass will also help keep your mouth from becoming dry due to drinking so many different types of liquors without any drinks like water or soda in them that would otherwise hydrate.


– You have to put some effort into figuring out which ingredients you want in the weed grinch cocktail.

– The sugar on the rim of martini glasses can make it difficult for people with diabetes or other health problems that involve a low blood sugar level, so they should not drink these cocktails; even though there are no mixers involved just cranberry juice and bitters.

– People who are not used to drinking alcohol may feel sick after having this type of weed grinch cocktail because they are not prepared for how strong it will be. This could pose as a problem when trying to do something else like drive home afterward if one is feeling unwell due to too many drinks without any food in between them (i.e., just weed grinch cocktail).

– It is always advisable to drink cranberry juice with alcohol because it can help prevent any types of bacteria or other health problems. Avoid drinking too much in one sitting, and if you are going out for a long period of time then be sure to have some food beforehand.

-You need more time than usual when making weed grinch cocktails if you’re using liquor instead of wine, which can be inconvenient for those who don’t plan ahead or make these frequently enough.

– Another cons is that not everyone has all ingredients on hand, but if you decide to make weed grinch cocktails then just improvise. If the recipe calls for vodka and no one has any on hand, use gin instead; if there’s a lack of whiskey, bourbon, or rum in your house, feel free to substitute it with more vodka.

Instead of using freshly squeezed cranberry juice (which can be difficult depending on where you live) try adding frozen cranberries to some water and blend until they are liquefied enough that it could pass as freshly made cranberry juice. Try substituting lemonade instead of orange juice because not everyone has oranges in their fridge 24/hour a day!

Tips on how to enjoy your drink responsibly and safely

How to Make Weed Grinch Cocktail

The recipe for the perfect weed grinch cocktail is to mix together some vodka, gin, or whiskey with any other liquor you have on hand (whiskey if there’s not enough), and then add in cranberry juice.

To make your drink extra festive, try using a bit of grenadine syrup as well! Just be sure to sip it slowly so that you can enjoy all its flavors.

What you should know about drinking this cocktail?

– It will make you feel a little tipsy. 

– The best time to drink this cocktail is when the weather outside is cold and unforgiving, like during wintertime holidays such as Christmas or New Year’s Eve! 

Side effects of weed grinch cocktail

– Lightheadedness, dry mouth, and elevated heart rate.

If anyone feels lightheaded after drinking their weed grinch cocktail, they should never drive because this could lead them into an accident. If you are going out to celebrate but don’t want the party ending too early due to feeling tired, make sure that one of your friends drives home when it comes time; alternatively just take a cab!

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