How to Make Weed Fried Chicken: Recipe and Instructions

How to Make Weed Fried Chicken: Recipe and Instructions

How to Make Weed Fried Chicken Recipe and Instructions

Did you know that weed can make the fried chicken taste even better? It’s true! In this blog post, we will teach you how to make weed-fried chicken with cannabis and spices. You won’t believe the flavor it imparts on your fried food. Make sure to scroll down for our recipe and instructions for making weed fried chicken today.

1. What is weed fried chicken?

Weed fried chicken is cannabis, with weed gravy and seasoning. It’s a delicious way to infuse your fried food with marijuana flavor. Spices like onion powder, garlic powder, paprika, salt, and pepper are usually added as well for taste. For best results use lean cuts of meat or skinless chicken breast so you’re not frying in all the fat that comes from using thighs! Can’t find the turkey? Substitute it for some ground beef if need be – we won’t judge!
Adding just one gram of weed per ounce of oil will give you enough THC to make your meal extra special without making it too strong.

2. How to make weed fried chicken

How to Make Weed Fried Chicken: Recipe and Instructions
  • Start by heating your cannabis oil in a dutch oven or deep pan on the stove. Pour some weed liquid into it and put on medium heat for about two minutes, stirring occasionally to ensure that all of the marijuana is dissolved.
  • Add salt, pepper, onion powder, garlic powder and paprika to taste (a few tablespoons should do) while still cooking under medium heat.
  • Now you can add your chicken pieces which have been dredged first in flour with a touch of salt and black pepper then placed on wax paper until ready to fry them up – this will also help keep the crust from getting too soggy! Continue adding seasoning if desired as needed throughout the frying process; be sure not to over season.
  • Once the chicken is well coated and golden brown, take it out of the oil to a paper towel lined plate. The chicken will crisp up as it cools a bit.

3. Weed fried chicken recipe

This is a blog post about how to make weed fried chicken. The content should talk about the ingredients of weed fried chicken, it should include the instruction of how to make weed fried chicken;
Content Summary & Objective (explanation): Cannabis can be consumed in many forms other than smoking including but not limited to vaping, cooking with it, or taking oils/extracts orally. One particular way you can use cannabis when cooking is by using infused butter which has been made from cannabutter also called “cannabis butter”. Cannabutter can be made by cooking a mixture of butter and cannabis together, which is then cooled. Cannabutter can also be purchased in ready-to-use or pre-made packets;
This post will teach you how to make weed fried chicken using cannabutter! Cannabis has been used for centuries as an ingredient in recipes from all over the world because it adds amazing flavors when mixed with other herbs and spices. Some people say that they use cannabis infused oils while frying their food instead of traditional oil just like what happened between me and my dad this morning before church!;
To start we first need to cook our weed up into some sort of extract so that it transforms into something called “cannabis butter” aka “cannabutter.” You can make your cannabutter by mixing some weed and butter, simmering it on the stove for about an hour while stirring so that all of the THC is dissolved from the cannabis leaves into the butter.
Most people use a double boiler to create their cannabutter but if you don’t have one, no problem! A regular pot with water simmered in it will work just as well.;
Now I’m going to share how to make weed fried chicken using this homemade “cannabis” infused butter!;
To start making weed fried chicken we will need oil-fried onions until they are golden brown then add in our flour mixture which consists of milk, salt, and pepper.
We want to continue stirring the flour mixture until it becomes a smooth paste, then we add in our cannabis butter. When the butter and milk have combined, we slowly start adding in some of our chicken broth so that it can thicken up.;
Once you’ve added enough liquid for your desired consistency (I like mine thicker), remove from stovetop heat so we don’t burn anything!;
In order to make weed fried chicken with these new ingredients, now all you need is boneless skinless raw chicken breasts cut into bite-sized pieces! salt/pepper & cornstarch…


Flour Mixture – Milk, Salt & Pepper- Cannabis Butter Chicken Broth Boneless Skinless Raw Chicken Breasts, Salt/Pepper & Cornstarch.
Instructions: Make weed fried chicken by first cutting up boneless skinless raw chicken breasts into bite-sized pieces! Next, mix some flour with salt and pepper in a large bowl to fully coat the meat. Add cannabis butter to milk over medium heat until it reaches boiling point; slowly add the mixture of liquidy sauce to the dry ingredients (flour) while stirring constantly so that they combine smoothly together until you reach your desired consistency for thick or thin weed fried chicken batter!. Once it has reached your desired thicker consistency, remove it from stovetop heat so nothing burns just before we finish frying our weed fried chicken breast bites!

4. The benefits of eating weed fried chicken

How to Make Weed Fried Chicken: Recipe and Instructions
  • weed fried chicken is delicious
  • weed fried chicken has little to no calories
  • eating cannabis brings a sense of euphoria
  • weed fried chicken can be eaten with vegetables for an even healthier diet.
    The benefits of eating weed fried chicken are that it tastes great, there are few or no calories, and the act of consuming cannabis can bring feelings of elation. Eating weed fried chicken in addition to other healthy foods such as veggies will only make your meal more nutritious! The recipe below is perfect for those who want to enjoy a guilt free snack without all the undesirable side effects from not being able to control portions on regular junk food.

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