How to Make Weed Christmas Cookies: The Recipe, Instruction

How to Make Weed Christmas Cookies: The Recipe, Instruction

How to Make Weed Christmas Cookies The Recipe, Instruction

What is your favorite Christmas cookie? Is it gingerbread men, snickerdoodles, or maybe sugar cookies? As a child, I would always look forward to getting a plate of Christmas cookies during the holidays. There was something about eating those sweet treats that made me feel so happy and loved. Now as an adult with my own family, I want to make sure that my children have the same magical experience during this time of year.

1. What are weed Christmas cookies?

Weed Christmas cookies are Christmas themed marijuana edibles. You can make weed christmas cookies with cookie dough or brownies, any recipe will work!

  • Brownie recipes:
    o Mix together from scratch using a boxed mix and adding cannabis to the batter in your desired amount (for baking instructions see below) – this is best for those who want it sweeter without white sugar
    o Use pre-made box mixes like Betty Crocker’s Cannabis Infused Dark Chocolate Fudge Brownies by following the directions on that package – these boxes have all the ingredients included but they aren’t as potent so you may need to add more than one box of them to get an appropriate dose
    If you find yourself short on time, we recommend buying a pre-made cannabis brownie or cookie dough – these come in packs of three and are perfect for those who need to keep the recipe simple
    o Some people also like to use an all natural way by using:
    Cannabis infused coconut oil instead of butter, vegetable oils can be used as well but they’ll have a different texture than real butter. This is good if you want that healthy feeling!
    A mix between dark chocolate with some cocoa powder (or your favorite flavor) mixed into it
    Raw eggs will provide more nutrition so we recommend adding one egg per every two tablespoons of liquid ingredients and then again at whatever ratio you prefer when baking something like cookies; this would not make weed christmas cookies vegan friendly though
    Cocoa powder will also add a rich chocolate flavor and will give the cookies an excellent texture
    o If you’re not into that, then regular all-purpose flour can be used just as well!

2. How to make weed christmas cookies

Cannabis Christmas Cookies: Baking Infused Holiday Treats
  • In a small bowl, mix together the cannabis and butter until it’s fully blended
    This will be your weed christmas cookies’ main ingredient so make sure you use enough!
    The amount of cannabis to add is up to you but we recommend about one tablespoon per every ΒΌ cup. You can also measure out an ounce for this recipe if you want more or less; after all, there are no set rules when baking!
  • Add in any other liquid ingredients that may have been suggested by mixing them well with a spoon (raw eggs, cocoa powder) before adding those into the mixture too. Now stir in flour as needed since they’re pretty much interchangeable at this point; then divide dough evenly among whatever size or shape you want.
  • Bake for 15 minutes at 350 degrees Fahrenheit and it’s ready to go!
    If your weed christmas cookies are too small, set the timer for about 12 minutes; if they’re large then make sure not to overbake them by checking on them every five minutes until done.
    The weed Christmas cookies should be lightly browned all over when finished cooking so take care not to burn them during this process. They will firm up more as they cool down but don’t worry that means there is plenty of time left in case you need to put a few backs into the oven again!

3. Why you should make weed christmas cookies

  • You can eat weed christmas cookies while you’re baking and before they are ready.
    Once the warm, buttery dough is mixed with cannabis extract, it’s impossible to resist!
    Marijuana tastes sweeter than traditional recipes because of its natural sugars that your body processes more easily. It also has a higher fat content which means every bite will leave you feeling satisfied as well as lightheaded (in the best possible way).
    Weed Christmas cookies make for an excellent edible gift during this time of year since everybody loves them and there won’t be any leftovers going around wink. Plus, December 25th is just another day at the end of 365 days so why not celebrate in style? HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

4. Recipes for making weed christmas cookies

Marijuana leaf bag | Etsy
  • Next, we’ll cover the recipe for weed christmas cookies.
    Start by melting a stick of butter in a saucepan over low heat and then add some sugar to it. Mix together on medium-low until fully incorporated before adding flour, baking powder, eggs, vanilla extract, and salt;
    Add cannabis tincture (or use your own homemade version with this recipe) and mix well again before transferring the dough into an airtight container in order to refrigerate it overnight. This will ensure that all of its flavors are mixed properly and you can enjoy even more intense flavor due to increased THC absorption when the holiday stress is gone.;
    Ready to cook weed christmas cookies? Take the dough out of the fridge, preheat your oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit and roll it out into a thin sheet before cutting them into shapes.
    Bake for about 20 minutes or until golden brown on top;
    If you’re impatient like me then I recommend cooking one cookie at a time because they will taste better if not overcooked. The cannabis infusion process is already complete once you cut the baking dish in half so don’t worry too much.;
    Now that we know how to make weed christmas cookies, there are still some things left to do! You may want to decorate with sprinkles, different types of icing including ganache (chocolate) or cream cheese.

5. Where to buy the ingredients for making weed Christmas Cookies?

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