How to Make Pot Apple Weed Pie

How to Make Pot Apple Weed Pie

How to Make Pot Apple Weed Pie

Hello! Are you looking for a delicious recipe that is also fun to make? Well, look no further. This pot apple weed pie recipe is the perfect combination of flavors and can be enjoyed by anyone who loves cannabis. The dish is easy to make and tastes great when paired with vanilla ice cream or whipped cream on top. It’s dessert at its finest!

1. What is pot apple weed pie?

Pot apple weed pie is a dessert that mixes cannabis and apples with traditional pie ingredients like cinnamon, sugar, butter, flour. The dish can be made in any flavor you want by substituting the apples for other fruit or vegetables – banana mango pumpkin would all taste great too! If you are vegan make sure to use non-dairy milk instead of cream.

2. How to make pot apple weed pie

To make pot apple weed pie, prepare the recipe before cooking. In a bowl combine flour and sugar with cinnamon to form a mixture for the crust; in another bowl mix together milk, eggs, and vanilla extract until you have an egg batter. I prefer Granny Smith apples for this recipe because the tartness is not too much. But sweet cider or green apple are good substitutes if you can’t find them! You’ll need about two pounds of fruit in total to fill your dish.
-Add butter cubes to melted cannabis oil then add water while stirring constantly so there are no lumps – this is your pastry cream base
-Mix apples and other fruits into the cake dough
-Spread half of the dough onto a baking tray lined with parchment paper or greased pan
-Pour filling over the first layer of dough and cover it evenly with the remaining dough
-Bake at 350 degrees Fahrenheit (180 degrees Celsius) for 40 minutes or until golden brown on top. Let cool for at least 30 minutes before cutting the pie.
-Enjoy and feel good!

3. Why you should try pot apple weed pie

How to Make Pot Apple Weed Pie

Pot apple weed pie is a great dessert for people who enjoy cannabis as well as apples. It has the effect of feeling good and keeping you relaxed at the same time without knocking you out as alcohol would do. You can add in whatever fruits or other ingredients that are your favorites, such as chocolate chips, cinnamon sticks, cranberries, or raisins to make it more personalized.
The pot apple weed pie recipe requires marijuana butter which will get mixed into the dough of puff pastry with some milk and eggs before adding fruit toppings on top to create one delicious dish! If you’re looking for an easy way to consume cannabis then using pot apple weed pie could be just what’s needed. This dish tastes surprisingly similar to regular food but the cannabis is more potent than the amount you would find in some brownies or cookies.
The pot apple weed pie recipe only has a few ingredients, so it can be made at home without too much trouble!

4. Benefits of eating pot apple weed pie

  • consuming cannabis via pot apple weed pie is a potent way to get high without having to smoke it or take edibles.
  • this dish tastes surprisingly similar to regular food but the cannabis is more powerful than brownies and cookies which means you won’t need as much of it for an effective dose.
  • when using pot apple weed pie, people don’t have to worry about smelling up their house like they would with smoking marijuana. The recipe also doesn’t require any complicated steps that might be difficult if someone was high on drugs already. This makes pot apple weed pie perfect for those who want a quick fix in public while still maintaining some level of discretion!

5. Recipes for other desserts with marijuana in them (e.g., brownie bites)

  • while pot apple weed pie is a more potent way to get high, it’s not the only one. Marijuana brownies and cookies are still popular recipes for people who want an edible that will make them feel good without having any noticeable taste or smell on their breath. Many of these desserts also have less THC in them than pot apple weed pie which reduces the chances of getting too high quickly!
  • each recipe might require different levels of cannabis depending on how much you need it so always be sure to measure out your portions before cooking with marijuana edibles like this (make sure there aren’t children around when doing so!)

6. Tips and Tricks

How to Make Pot Apple Weed Pie
  • be sure to use an oven safe dish so you can bake the pot apple weed pie in it
  • make a crust first before adding all of your ingredients on top, people will find it easier to eat this way and some pies have more filling than others. You don’t want too much spilling over or coming out after putting it in the oven!
  • if you’re having trouble getting high off marijuana brownies and cookies, try using pot apple weed pie instead they are made with more potent cannabis that won’t require as much THC for desired effects. Be careful how many pieces you eat at once though because these desserts do contain a higher amount of cannabis per serving size.
  • to make a pot of apple weed pie, you will need cannabis butter and sugar.
  • take the apples and remove their peels but leave them whole or chop them up into small pieces so they cook more evenly
  • mix together milk with eggs in a bowl then pour it over your crust before adding all of the other ingredients on top. You’ll want to add brown sugar, cinnamon, nutmeg, salt pepper for taste. Pack each individual ingredient tightly down as they bake because some things like cheese can produce steam that gives off odors from cooking if not packed tight enough!

7. Pros and cons

  • this recipe produces a durable pie that will last for days and is perfect to take traveling
  • the cannabis butter in it can be replaced with other variations of oils like olive oil or coconut oil which are healthier alternatives but have a lower potency level than cannabis. The pie also tastes good if you omit the sugar, milk, eggs, or add more pot instead!

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