How to Make Marijuana Jerky

How to Make Marijuana Jerky

how to make marijuana jerky

Marijuana jerky is a great way to use up any marijuana that you might have lying around. You can make it using just three ingredients! This recipe will show you how to make weed jerky in your oven, or if you’re feeling extra adventurous, try making marijuana jerkies on the grill.
This is a blog post about how to make marijuana jerky. The content should talk about the ingredients of marijuana jerky, it should include the instruction of how to make marijuana jerky.
I’m not sure about whether anyone has ever made homemade beef jerky from the pot before but I thought this would be an interesting experiment worth trying out and document for others who may want to do something similar on their own time. There are a few things to consider when doing this, which we’ll discuss below:

  • First off, there isn’t enough THC present in cannabis leaves for them alone to create smoked meat without any other added ingredients. The leaves are more of seasoning for the meat as opposed to making it, so you’ll need to use some ground marijuana buds in your recipe (about three heaping tablespoons).
  • Secondly, there’s no curing process when smoking weed jerky because THC is already activated through heat and can’t be cured with salt or sugar like traditional jerkies. This means that we’re going to have to rely on boiling water instead of time and temperature.

1. What is marijuana jerky?

  • Marijuana jerky is a great way to use up any marijuana that you might have lying around. You can make it using just three ingredients!
  • It’s also a really good option if you want something quick and easy, but hearty enough to keep your stomach full for hours on end.
    This blog post will show you how to weed jerky in your oven, or if feel adventurous try making marijuana jerkies on the grill.
    A popular snack food made with beef or other meats which are dried out by cooking at low temperature until all moisture has evaporated from them, often combined with soy sauce as well as various spices such as cumin, garlic powder, and onion salt.

2. How to make marijuana jerky

How to Make Marijuana Jerky
  • You will need:
  • a pan or oven
  • beef jerky spice packet (or any other kind of dried spices)
  • ground marijuana leaves/stems, finely crushed with the palms of your hands and then well stirred into the meat mixture before it goes to be cooked.
  • parchment paper for lining baking sheets for easy cleanup
    Step One: Preheat oven to 175 degrees Fahrenheit. Line two large baking sheets with parchment paper. Cut desired amount of lean ground beef into strips about ½ inch wide by ¼ inch thick like an apple peeler corer pizza cutter and place on top sheet. Press down on each one lightly until all air is pressed out from underneath them so they won’t shrink up and become too dry.
    Step Two: Pour about ½ teaspoon of beef jerky spice packet over each one, spreading around with the back of a spoon to make sure it doesn’t clump up (you can also use any other kind of dried spices). Scatter on some more marijuana leaves/stems if desired.
    Step Three: Bake for about an hour or until they are fully cooked through without any red coloring left in the middle when you cut them open like raw hamburger meat. Be careful not to overcook weed jerky as it will get tougher than regular lean ground beef. Place baking sheets on a cooling rack while still hot so all moisture can evaporate away from under them before proceeding with the next steps.
    Step Four: Once they are fully cooled, cut them into long strips with a sharp knife and place them on a parchment paper lined baking sheets in the fridge for about two hours to harden up again before devouring!
    The first step is easy enough- just rub weed leaves/stems together between your hands until you get an even leafy texture like what’s shown below. The second step requires that you cover the entire piece of jerky meat with marijuana leaves (brush or sprinkle) then depending on whether it has any fat marbling running through it already, add more marijuana so there’s at least one inch worth covering the surface area all around. The third step will depend heavily on how big you want your jerky to be- the thicker it is, the longer you should let it marinate in soy sauce.

3. Why should I eat marijuana jerky?

With a little preparation, marijuana jerky can be an enjoyable snack that will leave you feeling satisfied without the munchies. Smoking weed and then eating it makes for a great pairing with this recipe- just make sure not to eat too much! (eating more than 100mg of THC may make you feel paranoid or anxious because your body is unable to metabolize all of the active chemicals in cannabis)
The last step requires wrapping it tightly in plastic wrap and putting it back into the fridge overnight so that it hardens again before devouring!

4. The benefits of eating marijuana jerky

Some benefits come with eating marijuana jerky. The most obvious is the lack of calories and fat; in addition, it tastes amazing! For those who need to put on weight or eat very little due to an illness this makes for the perfect snack.

5. Recipes for making your cannabis-infused beef, pork, or turkey jerky

How to Make Marijuana Jerky

There are several recipes on the internet for making your cannabis-infused beef, pork, or turkey jerky. The best part is that you can adjust the flavor to suit your taste buds!
How To Make Marijuana Jerky:
Ingredients: 100 grams of marijuana (you may need more if not using weed), smoked and chopped into smaller chunks; 50 ml vegetable oil; honey, soy sauce, garlic powder, salt; sliced onion. You will also need a dehydrator without temperature control so that it dries at 145 degrees Fahrenheit for about 12 hours. If possible use the setting with “continuous mode” set up as this will make it easier to check on the drying process and rotate your product to avoid over-drying.
Cut your weed into small pieces and place in a food processor with the oil, soy sauce, garlic powder, and honey to create a paste. Spread this mixture evenly on both sides of some sliced onion or beef strips then dehydrate for 12 hours at 145 degrees Fahrenheit (hotter if you want it done more quickly). You can also use an oven between 140-170 F but check every 30 minutes until its fully cooked through.
Store marijuana jerky in the freezer when not eating so that it does not spoil too quickly!

  • If using meat as opposed to dried onions make sure each piece is coated thoroughly before drying.* * Keep the temperature close to 145F during cooking process.

6. Where can I buy cannabis-infused meat products like bacon and sausage links in my area?

You can purchase marijuana-infused meat products in many dispensaries.

  • Disclaimer: Purchasing these items may be illegal or require a medical cannabis card so please check your local laws before purchasing them.*

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