How To Make Marijuana Edibles Hit Faster

How To Make Marijuana Edibles Hit Faster

How To Make Marijuana Edibles Hit Faster

You can finally say goodbye to those two hours you had to wait for your brownie to kick-in. With a few simple tricks, you can speed-up the cannabis edible experience with minimal effort.

Edibles have become more and more popular, especially amongst medical patients. Smoking cannabis is never the healthiest of options. And when you’re consuming cannabis chiefly for health reasons, you might want to stay completely away from combustion.

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How Long Does It Take for Edibles to Kick In?

Edibles take longer to take effect than smoked cannabis. After taking a few bites out of a brownie or space cake, you can expect to wait anywhere between 30 minutes to 2 hours before you feel the effects. After swallowing the cannabinoids, they need to make it through the digestive tract and liver before entering the bloodstream and brain.

So, in case you’re making your own edibles or have access to quality-controlled, premade varieties, here are a few tips and tricks to get those edibles to kick-in faster.

How Long Do Edibles Last?

You’ll get the time back you spent waiting when it comes to the overall experience. As well as hitting harder, the edible high lasts a lot longer. You’ll remain noticeably high for the next 6–8 hours, and still feel the afterglow around 10 hours after chomping down on some edibles.

How To Make Marijuana Edibles Hit Faster

Ways edibles can hit you faster

Unlike smoking, edibles can be a waiting game. Ever hear of “start low and go slow” when it comes to infused treats? It’s the best mantra to follow when you’re new to the edibles market—take too much and you’ll have an unhappy high. Then again, take too little and you won’t feel anything at all.

However, for those who aren’t a fan of the “going slow” part, there there are a few ways your infused eats can affect you faster. Whether you need quick relief for medical reasons or you simply can’t afford to wait around, check out the following tips to for efficient edibles consumption.

Sublingual tinctures

How To Make Marijuana Edibles Hit Faster

A traditional edible, with its THC most often attached to a fat (such as the cannabutter in a pot brownie), must surpass many hurdles for its cannabinoids to reach the bloodstream. The gastrointestinal tract is long, and an edible must pass through the stomach, intestines, and liver as it’s absorbed, contending with acids and bile along the way before it reaches your bloodstream. A tincture is a quick and handy alternative ingestible that bypasses all of that extra biology to get your THC exactly where you need it to go—your bloodstream.

To take something sublingually means to take it under the tongue. Why is this beneficial for faster absorption? Under your tongue there exist mucus membranes and an abundance of capillaries, which allow cannabinoids to be absorbed more directly. A few drops under the tongue—held there for 5 to 10 minutes—will allow the effects of the THC in a tincture to come on much quicker, letting you better control the length and strength of your dosage. It should be noted that tinctures’ effects don’t last as long as edibles—think of fat-based edibles as the “extended release” version of cannabis consumables—and that can be either a good thing or a bad thing depending on your situation.

Infused beverages

How To Make Marijuana Edibles Hit Faster

Though long overlooked, cannabis-infused drinks are starting to make a splash in the edibles market. Coffee, tonics, elixirs, sodas, lemonade, tea, juices—if you can dream it, you can probably find it on the shelves of a dispensary. Not only are cannabis-infused drinks delicious, they are a fantastic way to enjoy a faster-acting edible.

In liquid form, the cannabinoids within a drink have the potential to be absorbed (in small part) sublingually as you sip, while also passing through the digestive tract more quickly than a lipid-packed cannabis cookie. Some, such as a concentrated cannabis “shot,” are even formulated for this exact purpose, claiming edible “insta-highs” that will come on in a matter of minutes.

Just like traditional edibles, you can find all manner of drinkables, so no matter your cannabinoid or flavor of choice, there’s something for everyone.

Specially formulated edibles

How To Make Marijuana Edibles Hit Faster

There are also solid edibles that are being formulated to hit you quicker. One such example comes from 1906, a Colorado-based producer of specially formulated chocolates intended to deliver a fast-acting high. The company claims the effects of these “rapid delivery” edibles can be felt as soon as 15–20 minutes after consumption.

Peter Barsoom, founder of 1906, explained in a recent Forbes article that due to his “proprietary lipid microencapsulation process,” the THC is able to “bypass the stomach and get into the small intestine faster. It also allows more of the THC to get into the blood.”

1906 offers a range of chocolates formulated for specific outcomes. There’s Midnight for sleep, Go for energy, Pause for relaxation, and High Love for lust. In addition to a balanced formula of THC and CBD, each chocolate also features a selection of additional botanicals that promote the sensation the chocolate is geared towards. For example, Go contains a blend of coffee and other natural stimulants for a buzzier high.

Increased metabolism

The final method in quickly bringing about the effects of edibles is to increase your metabolism so that the infused product can break down in your digestive tract and deliver the cannabinoids to your bloodstream as swiftly as possible. There are some general rules of thumb for keeping one’s metabolism sharp, such as consuming plenty of protein, drinking lots of water, working out, avoiding a sedentary lifestyle, and getting plenty of solid sleep.

However, if you’re seeking a quick fix and not a complete overhaul of your lifestyle, the winning ticket may be in consuming caffeine or tea. Green tea and oolong tea have been shown in some studies to increase metabolism by 4–5%. Likewise, the caffeine in coffee has been shown to increase metabolism by 3–11%. The next time you indulge in a traditional edible, try taking it alongside a cup of coffee or green tea to encourage increased metabolism and thus speedy digestion of your tasty treat.

Look for Fast-Acting Edibles

Due to high consumer demand, some manufacturers have started to produce edibles that are designed to kick in much faster than traditional edibles. These companies are using innovative techniques to alter the composition of edibles and ensure that marijuana hits your bloodstream as quickly as possible. Talk to the budtenders at the Denver dispensary you visit to find out if these products are in stock. Learn how fast-acting edibles are getting people high at lightning speeds.

Empty Stomach

If you want edibles to kick in faster, consume them on an empty stomach so they can enter your bloodstream quickly. However, this is never advised for people who have not consumed edibles before. If you are new to consuming edibles, then eat a full meal before your first time to ensure you do not experience an intense, uncomfortable high.

Buy Drinks

Consider drinking your cannabis instead of eating it if you want the high to kick in faster. Liquids pass through your digestive tract much faster than solid foods, so they should hit your bloodstream quicker, too. There are countless different marijuana-infused beverages on the market, so you shouldn’t have any trouble finding one that sounds appealing to you at a local dispensary.

Increased Metabolism

If you have a fast metabolism, your body will digest the edible faster and you will experience the effects of a high more quickly. Therefore, it may be a good idea for frequent edible consumers to speed up their metabolisms so they have a more enjoyable experience with edibles. However, this is not a quick fix. Increasing your metabolism involves committing to living a healthy lifestyle. It’s possible to slowly speed up your metabolism over time by working out on a regular basis, eating healthy, and getting enough sleep every night.

Drink Caffeine

Research has shown that caffeine can give your metabolism a boost, so drinking a caffeinated beverage as you consume an edible could be enough to temporarily increase your metabolism. Drink a glass of green tea or a cup of coffee as you enjoy your next edible to see if it helps speed up the digestion process so you can feel the high effect faster.

Consider Alternatives

If you’re unhappy with the amount of time it takes for an edible to kick in, you may want to consider exploring other options the next time you visit a dispensary. For instance, tinctures are cannabis extracts that will quickly hit your system if placed underneath your tongue. This is a great alternative for people who don’t want to wait for edibles but don’t want to smoke cannabis either.

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