How to Make CBD Kombucha: Benefits and Instructions

How to Make CBD Kombucha: Benefits and Instructions

CBD Kombucha

CBD Kombucha is a hot topic in the health world right now. If you’re unfamiliar with CBD, it’s simply an extract of cannabis that doesn’t produce a high but offers many benefits for your body. One of the most popular ways to get CBD into your system is by drinking kombucha made with cannabidiol (CBD). This article will teach you how to make CBD kombucha and provide some information about its potential health benefits.
Cbd Kombucha is a naturally fermented sweetened tea that boosts immune function, relieves pain and anxiety, stabilizes blood sugar levels, and can even curb appetite.
CBD Kombucha is made by infusing kombucha with CBD and then adding flavorings or fruit. The most popular way to make it into a complete drink is by making an iced tea-based version, but you could also use any of the other flavors in our recipe section to create different versions for your own palate!

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How to Make CBD Kombucha: Benefits and Instructions

How to make CBD kombucha?

  • What you will need are two tea bags, sugar (if desired), a wide-mouthed jar or bottle with an airlock lid, a kombucha SCOBY which can be bought online or from the store, and some CBD oil.
  • Boil water in a saucepan and add the two tea bags; remove from heat when it comes to boiling point but still very hot. Let the leaves steep for five minutes then discard them before adding half of your chosen volume of sugar if desired (or skip this step). Pour into your container that has been washed beforehand. Fill up any remaining space by adding regular cold tap water (not distilled) and then snap on the lid. Make sure there is an airlock to let in oxygen but keep any bacteria out by placing a folded fabric over it, securing with elastic bands or tape at each end before adding your SCOBY after two days of fermentation have passed.
  • After around seven more days of fermenting, you will notice that the liquid has turned into a light amber color and that bubbles are no longer being produced from below the surface of your kombucha tea culture. This means it’s ready to drink! The sugar should now be fully assimilated so taste accordingly depending on if desired sweetness was added; pour gently through a funnel into sterilized bottles using either cold boiled water which will cool down as quickly as needed for storage in the refrigerator or a mix of hot water and sugar to create sweeter cbd kombucha.
  • Drink about one cup at a time, over periods of 15 minutes each with food. You can also drink it on its own before meals if desired; this will help you digest your food better which is much more beneficial than drinking alcohol when eating as well as providing live cultures that will improve gut health! If after 24 hours there are no adverse reactions then you may increase consumption to two cups per day for best results.
  • Healthy gut bacteria are essential for good health, and live cultures in cbd kombucha can help maintain that healthy balance. Live cultures also play a role in healing the lining of your digestive tract!
  • The probiotics and antioxidants found in cbd kombucha will improve immune function, strengthen your immunity to disease.
    If you’re not sure which type is best for you then consider how many cups per day you usually drink as well as the frequency of consumption; this should give an indication on whether it would be better to go with decaffeinated or caffeinated cbd kombucha. If there’s no caffeine present at all then it doesn’t matter much.
    CBD Kombucha is made with the same ingredients as regular kombucha, so it’s important to note that sugar content will be lower than normal.
    If you have a sweet tooth then one of the benefits of cbd kombucha could be in controlling your sugar intake. The probiotics and antioxidants found in this beverage can also help control blood sugars which means anyone who has diabetes may benefit from drinking cbd kombucha too!


There are numerous benefits associated with drinking this healthy beverage. It can help you get more restorative sleep by helping balance out your hormones so that they work together to promote natural regulation cycles, which will lead to both better quality and quantity when getting sleep. Drinking cbd kombucha can also help improve your mental clarity, energy levels, and physical stamina.


How to Make CBD Kombucha: Benefits and Instructions

-Cbd Kombucha is usually made with a starter culture like black tea.
-The ratios of sugar, water, and cbd to use are all up to the user’s discretion.
-It should be brewed in an area that has no light or air contamination for at least seven days before drinking it or going on to the next step. This will ensure it develops its flavor properly while also allowing any potentially harmful bacteria time enough to die off so you can drink your kombucha without risk of getting sick and ruining what might have been a very healthy beverage otherwise.
-If there is any mold growth on top then discard immediately as this means that some dangerous pathogens may already exist within the brew which could make you sick.
-If the kombucha looks a little too sweet, then simply add less sugar next time to balance it out.
-Adding fruit or another flavoring might be all you need to spruce up what otherwise might have been an undrinkable batch of cbd kombucha. Experiment with different flavors and see which ones your family likes best!

How to use Cbd Kombucha?

The cbd kombucha is a fermented drink that has been brewed with black tea and sugar. There are some other variations of the kombucha, which include white tea or green tea as well. The fermentation process takes between fourteen days to three weeks. Kombucha can be used in many different ways like: drinking it straight, using it as a mixer for alcoholic drinks (for example Tequila Sunrise), taking shots out of the bottle, or even adding honey and cinnamon on top to make hot buttered rum!

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