How to Make Cannabis Sugar Leaves

How to Make Cannabis Sugar Leaves

How to Make Cannabis Sugar Leaves

The cannabis sugar leaves recipe will tell you everything you need to know about making your own cannabis blends with this easy-to-follow guide!

What are sugar leaves?

Sugar leaves are an edible weed. They’re made from cannabis and sugar (hence the name). It’s usually found in brownies, cookies, or other baked goods that contain a good amount of weed to get you high off them. Sugar leaves could also be consumed on their own as well if you prefer not to take it through your stomach as most people do.
The idea behind eating these is so that their psychoactive effects will kick in much faster than smoking marijuana would – giving users more control over how they want to feel throughout the day!
It doesn’t matter what kind of weed strain you use either; any type can work when making edibles because all plant material gets cooked down with butter and sugar in this recipe.

How to cook them?

How to Make Cannabis Sugar Leaves



  • weed, preferably ground up into a powder so that it blends well with the other ingredients and doesn’t clump together or get stuck to your tongue – can be either indica, sativa, hybrid strains of cannabis;
  • butter (or coconut oil), milk is optional but most people use this ingredient for its rich flavor profile and creamy texture in baked goods; also you’ll need an egg if you don’t have any dairy products available for some kind of binding agent + fat content;
  • sugar, brown sugar will give these leaves a more rustic sweetness than white sugar would which might not suit everyone’s palate as much. I prefer using dark muscavado sugar because it has richer molasses notes than light muscavado sugar;
  • vanilla extract or a pod of real vanilla beans; this is optional but I think it rounds out the flavor profile and adds some depth to these leaves;
  • salt, there’s not enough sodium in cannabis so adding salt will give you more umami flavors for your palate after consuming them;
  • baking powder – just use one tbsp per cup of weed based on personal preference with how much leavening agent (and air) you want in your baked goods because cannabis doesn’t have gluten which usually acts as that binding agent + gas content during cooking/baking like normal flour does so if you’re using wheat flour then just do half a tablespoon instead);
  • oil: canola, coconut oil, or whatever your favorite baking fat is (I usually like to use butter myself but it’s more of a personal preference than anything);
  • lemon juice because you need some acid in there and the cannabis leaves just taste better with fruit acids.

Measure out all dry ingredients needed for the recipe. Mix together thoroughly. Add cannabis sugar leaf mixture to pan greased with cooking spray; then add milk – I use almond milk, soy milk, or regular cow’s milk depending on what kind of recipes I’m making that day: hot cocoa vs mug cake/brownies, etc.; cook over medium heat until lightly browned using a spatula to flip halfway through bake time.
Another recipe

Instructions: When making this dish at home, try using grass clippings instead of cannabis. That way, you can still enjoy the benefits without having to worry about legalities.
-Grind up your grass clippings;
-Add salt and pepper (and other spices if desired);
-This is a good dish for making when it’s cold outside because it takes longer than most people are used to cooking food or just add some drops of cannabis oil extract for an extra dose that will make this meal truly potent. You might be surprised at how much more flavorful eating raw cannabis is with these ingredients! With every bite, you’ll get all the nutrients in each leaf which also helps replenish what was lost during drying time. Experiment with different kinds of foods and recipes until you find one that suits you best and enjoys!
-You can also try making a cannabis sugar leaves smoothie by blending the grass clippings with some ice cubes, frozen fruit (strawberries are a great choice!), almond milk, honey, or maple syrup for sweetener;
-This is an excellent way to get your greens in while still feeling like you’re eating dessert.; The more veggies mixed into it, the better so make sure to add carrots and other leafy green vegetables as well!

Benefits of using sugar leaves

How to Make Cannabis Sugar Leaves
  • It’s a great way to get more fiber and protein in your diet. Cannabis sugar leaves are much healthier than other cannabis varieties such as cannabis concentrates that are filled with refined sugars;
  • The effects of eating weed leaves is different from smoking or vaping because you’re not inhaling any smoke into your lungs, thus reducing respiratory damage like chronic bronchitis caused by too many years of heavy marijuana use;
  • This recipe can also be used for cooking without having to go through all that trouble of extracting THC/CBD oils out of raw material before consumption (spoiler alert: there will still be enough cannabinoids left after processing them).

Tips on storing and preserving your sugar leaf harvest

-If you don’t want to use all of your leaves right away, the best way to store them is in a glass jar with an airtight lid. This will keep it fresh for up to two weeks. If you’re using cannabis sugar leaves as a cooking ingredient and need some more time before finishing the recipe, put them in the freezer;
-The most important thing when preserving weed leafs is that they are completely dry – this prevents any mold from growing or giving off unpleasant odors;
-If you want more bang for your buck uses fresh cannabis leaves directly after picking them instead of drying them out first;
-If using dried cannabis, rehydrate it by soaking about an ounce (about 30 grams) with four cups of water overnight or until most (but not all) the liquid has been absorbed; To dry freshly picked weed leaves, spread them on a sheet pan lined with parchment paper and place inside an oven set at 200°C/400°F for one hour).

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