How to Make Cannabis Macaroons

How to Make Cannabis Macaroons

How to Make Cannabis Macaroons

Cannabis Macaroons are a delicious and popular treat. Whether you’re looking for a quick recipe to whip up or want to create cannabis-infused macaroons, this blog post has what you need! We will cover the ingredients of cannabis macaroons.

What are cannabis macaroons and how do they work?

First, let’s talk about what cannabis macaroons are and how they work. Cannabis Macaroons are a type of cookie that usually consists of coconut or almond flour to create the base for them. They come in many different flavors; some popular ones include chocolate chip, mint chocolate, rocky road ganache, etc. The weed is infused into each individual macaroon by either dipping it first in decarb solution before baking it or adding cannabutter to the recipe as well!

Why are cannabis macaroons so popular

Cannabis macaroons are so popular because they offer the same effects as cannabis without having to smoke it. This is a great alternative for people who have respiratory illnesses or don’t want to be around harsh smoking paraphernalia.
This could also be beneficial for those with children in the home, as there is no second-hand exposure (although this should always be considered). You can even eat these delicious cookies right out of your child’s hand!

How to Make Cannabis Macaroons


In order to make cannabis macaroons, you first need the following:

  • Coconut or almond flour,
  • Canola oil,
  • Sugar (White and Brown),
  • Vanilla extract,
  • Raw eggs – Pot of decarbed weed butter/cannabutter. Not all recipes call for this but if they do it is usually recommended with about a tablespoon per batch. If not using cannabutter then use an extra egg. Note that some people have had success substituting olive oil in place of canola so experiment! It might be healthier too! You will also need two mixing bowls, one small whisk, oven mitts, and parchment paper.

Recipe for cannabis macaroons

There are many recipes for cannabis macaroons and they all use different ingredients, with some even using real eggs. The following is a recipe that is easy to make and uses coconut flour:

How to Make Cannabis Macaroons
  • Mix together the coconut or almond flour, sugar (both white and brown), vanilla extract, raw egg, and your decarbed weed butter/cannabutter in one bowl. Make sure everything is mixed really well so there aren’t any clumps of wet dough stuck to the side of the bowl when you’re finished mixing it up!
  • Transfer about half this mixture into another bowl as we will need two bowls later on but don’t waste time by cleaning out the first one just yet because once again I’m going to say it comes in handy later on.
  • Add some cocoa powder, instant coffee, and salt to the remaining mixture in the first bowl; mix everything together until well combined.
  • In another bowl add an egg (or two eggs) and a little milk. Whisk it all up really good until there are no lumps left before you pour this into your sugar/cocoa/coffee mixed batter from earlier. Stir well then transfer this batter over to the second empty mixing bowl which now has had its previous contents scraped out with a spatula or rubber scraper for easy cleanup afterward!
  • Now we’re going to be using both bowls we made our mixtures in previously so don’t forget about that one as we’re going to use it for the next step!
  • Take some of our chocolate mix from before and pour them into a heat proof dish or pan. This is where we want these macaroons baking in so make sure you have something that will cover well enough without letting any air escape.
  • Slide this over to the other bowl with all your previous ingredients mixed up in there then carefully fold together everything until just about every bit of batter has been combined into one uniform mixture; making sure not to leave any streaks behind as you do this folding process; which would result in dry spots on these cannabis macaroons when they are done cooking and cooling down afterwords! Don’t forget that if you had two eggs earlier, be mindful of the yolk and don’t mix it in with your batter.
  • Now, using a silicon spatula that has been sprayed or dipped into some cooking oil beforehand; we’ll want to scoop up this mixture of batter and carefully slide them down onto our prepped baking sheet until you have an even layer across the surface area for these macaroons. Get as close to one another as possible without letting any overlap happen at all so they can cook evenly for us later on!
  • Sprinkle leftover chocolate chips over the top of each cannabis macaroon before sliding them back into their oven dish full of hot water (careful not to burn yourself!) then return lid loosely covering pan and bake away at 300°F degrees Fahrenheit for about 12 minutes.
  • Now, let’s go back to that water in our pan and see if it needs a little more time on the stove for us! Give it about another 20 seconds or so before you take out your cannabis macaroons from the oven.
  • After 12 minutes of baking come out with perfect consistency but not too hard at all, we can then move onto the next step which is actually dipping them into some melted chocolate chips (or white chocolate) and whatnots like nuts as well. You could also use other toppings such as crushed cookies, sprinkles, coconut shreddings etcetera; just be sure to get creative down here because these are going to look fantastic when they’re done!

Benefits of using cannabis macaroons

  • Cannabis is very beneficial for the body and has been proven to be a key ingredient in these rolled cannabis macaroons.

Side effects of using cannabis macaroon

  • The side effects of using cannabis macaroons are fairly minimal, but it is important to consider the following: when consuming these cookies, there’s a chance you could experience some minor dizziness and dry mouth. That being said, I would still recommend making these with caution if at all.

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