How to Make Cannabis Crab Cakes

How to Make Cannabis Crab Cakes

How to Make Cannabis Crab Cakes

Imagine a day dedicated to cannabis-based body care, including gourmet ganja cuisine, therapeutic massages and facials, and sellers of edible and trendy products that are designed to create a relaxing immersion experience. Crab cakes are a delicious dish that everyone should try. Cannabis Crab Cakes is a new dish that is now popular in the United States. These Cannabis Crab Cakes are made with crab meat, weed, and bread crumbs. The Cannabis Crab Cake recipe on this blog post will include all of the ingredients needed to make these delicious Cannabis Crab Cakes!

1. What is crab cake?

Cannabis Crab Cakes is a new type of crab cake that is now popular in the United States.
When making these delicious Cannabis Crab Cakes, you will need:

  • lobster or canned crabmeat (one pound)
  • one cup cannabis buds
  • two eggs beaten well
  • one small onion minced finely
  • three tablespoons dry breadcrumbs
  • salt and pepper to taste
  • all purpose flour for dusting hands and surfaces (about a tablespoon).

2. How to make cannabis crab cakes?

Recipe for cannabis crab cakes

  • 20 grams of cannabis, finely ground in a grinder. (or weed butter)
  • 100g crab meat or canned surimi + mayonnaise to bind it together and make cakes.
  • Half a cup of breadcrumbs for binding the mixture together and making crabcakes. You can also use flour if you don’t have bread crumbs at home but they will be denser than using breadcrumbs
  • Garlic powder, salt, and pepper as desired spices to season your mix with before shaping into patties/cakes
    Add eggs if necessary depending on how moist the mixture is after adding all ingredients.
How to Make Cannabis Crab Cakes

Instructions: The first step is to prepare your oven by heating it up to 350 degrees Fahrenheit. Once this has been done, put down some wax paper on a baking sheet so the finished cakes don’t stick! Next, you need to mix together all of the ingredients but add water last because if you do it too soon then your cake won’t hold its shape as well when cooking. Add a bit of water to the mixture and stir it in with your hands until everything is evenly moist.
But, firstly you will need to wash your hands with soap and water. Then, use a large bowl (also clean) as the mixing bowl for this recipe. In this step of the Cannabis Crab Cake Recipe, add all of the ingredients together – crabmeat down to salt and pepper. Next mix in one egg at a time using a fork or whisk until thoroughly combined. Form into cakes that are about three inches wide by two inches high on top of a wax paper lined baking sheet; then freeze them for 45 minutes so they have more stability when cooking them later!
After freezing these tasty treats from heaven, heat up some oil in a frying pan over medium-high heat while preparing another pot skillet full of boiling salted water as well (we’re going to be cooking these Cannabis Crab Cakes in two batches). Once the oil is hot, add about nine of your cakes – use a spatula or tongs and turn them every couple of minutes so they brown on both sides. While that’s happening, pour some beer into another pot skillet over medium-high heat until it starts boiling (we’ll need this for our sauce!).
When you start seeing golden crust forms along the edges of your crabcakes, remove them from the frying pan and place them on paper towels lined plate. Repeat the process with the remaining crabs cakes until all are cooked! Now we can make the delicious cannabis sriracha dipping sauce. Boil down any leftover alcohol in an uncovered pot insert then mix cornstarch with cold water, slowly add this to the pot and whisk until it has thickened. Add sriracha sauce to taste, salt & pepper, lime juice then pour over your crabcakes – serve with a squeeze of fresh lemon for extra flavor!
Cannabis Crab Cakes are great if you want a dish that’s high in protein while still being delicious too! They’re less dense than regular chicken recipes.

3. Why are they so good?

  • Cannabis Crab Cakes are made with weed, so they don’t have any side effects of the drug in them.
  • The cannabis is an herb that flavors and also provides a little bit of fiber to this dish! It’s not just about being high anymore. Now you can get your health on point as well as enjoy your meals without feeling guilty for eating too much junk food.
  • Another thing that makes these crab cakes better than others is how easy they are to make: all it takes is breadcrumbs, eggs, salt pepper, and some form of sauce (for example sriracha) plus seasonings like garlic powder or cumin if you want more flavor then fold everything together into patties and cook up some crab cakes!
  • Cannabis Crab Cakes are a great way to get your weed in without having to actually smoke it.

4. Characteristics

How to Make Cannabis Crab Cakes
  • These Cannabis Crab Cakes are perfect for any occasion whether you’re looking to pair them with friends or family they’ll be sure to please all tastes buds!
  • The addition of cannabis into these cakes is so easy that anyone can do it! Make these anytime you want an easy meal without having to cook anything at all.
  • When making these delicious dishes always remember that cooking times may vary depending on what type of stovetop/oven setup you have.
  • Cannabis Crab Cakes are a perfect way to start your day with an energizing and tasty breakfast.

5. Cannabis recipes you can try at home

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  • Weed Brownies, and many other recipes.

6. Benefits of cannabis crab cakes

  • Cannabis Crab Cakes are a delicious way to enjoy your weed.
  • The ingredients in cannabis crab cakes can help decrease the symptoms of anxiety, depression, and pain.

Bon appetit, we hope you enjoy this dish very much!

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