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Nitrogen deficiency edibles canada firechews

edibles canada firechewsLike any other representative of the flora, it needs nutrients for healthy growth and abundant fructification. Without them, development is impossible. These elements are a kind of "bricks", which are made up of plant tissue. And they are also involved in many physiological processes responsible for the vital functions of cannabis.

All nutrients are various chemical elements that are easily digestible for cannabis. There are many such elements, but each must be in the right quantity. If something is not enough (especially if it is a basic substance), problems will occur immediately. For this reason, knowledge about how to recognize element deficiency is fundamental to any grower.

One of the most important nutrients is nitrogen. This is exactly what we are going to talk about in this article. We will try to answer all questions related to nitrogen deficiency in hemp.

Cannabis contains about 70 different chemical elements. Some of them are taken from the air, while others are absorbed by the roots. A nutrient supply is an essential attribute of fertile soil and/or quality hydroponics solution. All necessary substances can be divided into micro and macro elements. Each of them is needed by the hemp in different proportions. Nitrogen refers to the macro elements. It is the main component of the plant's green mass, and therefore roots, branches and leaves will not grow without it.

edibles canada firechewsWithout nitrogen, cannabis will not be able to form the protein molecules that are the basis of its body. The proteins contain approximately 18% nitrogen. This chemical element is an integral part of enzymes, vitamins and growth hormones in cannabis. It is also part of chlorophyll, without which the process of photosynthesis is impossible. That is why any problems with nitrogen deficiency first affect the leaves, and later on the whole plant.

You can focus on the following basic symptoms:

  • Yellow spots appear on the leaves, soon covering the entire leaf.
  • During the vegetation period, green mass is slowly gaining ground.
  • During flowering, the inflorescences are very slow to form and swell.
  • The cannabis bush is sluggish.
  • Branches grow weak and thin.

If there is a lack of nitrogen, old fan leaves start to yellow first. Sometimes their color has a brownish tint. Over time, the leaves wither, dry out and fall off. If the younger top leaves first yellows, the problem edibles canada is hardly nitrogen. The fact is that if it is not enough, the plant moves all the stocks of this element from the old, already insignificant, leaf to the younger, upper leaf. Therefore, when there is a lack of nitrogen, the old leaves are always the first to suffer.

However, it is worth knowing that the yellowness of the lower leaves in the run-up to Harvest is considered the norm. However, if the firechews lower leaves start to crumble quickly and the yellowness spreads upwards, this is a cause for action.