Cannabis Infused Tequila

Cannabis Infused Tequila

Cannabis Infused Tequila

There are always reasons to drink more tequila, but this might be the best one yet. Channel your inner hipster and grab all the mason jars you have, because you’re about the change your relationship with tequila for the better.

Tequila is totally trending right now, not only because it is a great spirit for summer, but some say it’s main ingredient, Blue Agave has some major health benefits.

While there are many different flavor combinations that can take your margs to the next level, each recipe below calls for the same three items: a large airtight glass container, whatever fruit or herbs you want to use for flavor, and most importantly, tequila.

Cannabis infused tequila might be the party drink you’ve been looking for. This taste weed infused spirit is an excellent base to canna-cocktails. Consider whipping up some Monday Margaritas or a Tuesday Tequila Sunrise. We’re sure you can find an occasion. Plan to make this weed infused spirit a couple days ahead, and your drinks will be the talk of the town.


Cannabis Infused Tequila
  • 1 Mason jar large mason jar
  • 1 Marijuana Plant cannabis plant matter enough to fill 2/3 to 3/4 of the jar
  • 1 Bottle of any clear tequila use your favorite clear tequila


  1. Fill the jar with the cannabis plant matter and pour enough tequila in with the plant matter to cover it completely.
  2. Place the lid on the jar and tighent it down tightly.
  3. Make sure the lid is on tight and secure. Shake the jar well enough to make sure the marijuana mixes well with the tequila evenly.
  4. Place the jar in a dark cool place for 1-3 weeks and check on it from time to time and shake it and make sure the mixture is evenly distributed.
  5. If you need to speed up the process then find a warm place like by a heater or on top of the fridge to place the jar. Check on it often and shake it and make sure the mixture is distributed evenly.
  6. Once the mixture has turned a golden brown it is ready to be strained. Strain the plant matter from the tequila and place the tequila back in the mason jar.
  7. If the mixture has not achieved a golden brown hue then it is not ready yet and will need to sit longer. The reason white tequila is recommended is becasue it makes it quite easy to see when the marijuana infused tequila is ready.

Infusing cannabis into food and drinks is what we do. And since THC and CBD are alcohol soluble, tequila makes a great weed infusion. Don’t get us wrong, we are not recommending to smash the whole bottle on a single evening. Rather use the tequila to make a nice CBD or THC infused cocktail like a Weed Margarita or Canna Tequila Sunrise. If you are going for tequila weed shots, 1 shot will do. You will feel the light buzz of the alcohol and 45 minutes later you start feeling the effects of the marijuana strain.

How long will this cannabis spirit infusion take?

The cook time of weed tequila is quite short. It only takes about 45 minutes to prepare this weed infusion. We recommend that you leave your cannabis infused tequila from 24 hours, up to 2 weeks. This will allow you to get the best flavor and potency from your cannabis alcohol infusion.

What cocktails pair nicely with weed tequila?

Weed tequila blends well into many cannabis cocktails. Remember that your tequila is now slightly more herb-like. Tailor your cocktails to highlight these herb flavors by adding in weed bitters or herbaceous juices.

Consider making a Cannabis Infused Margarita, or an elevated Paloma. If you do not like the taste of cannabis, mask your weed infusion with additional juices.

Serve your marijuana margaritas

Cannabis Infused Tequila

Margaritas are traditionally served with chilled glasses. You can chill the glasses in the fridge while you prepare your Margarita mix. Some like their Tequila with a salt rim, others without. If you want to serve Margaritas in the traditional way with salt, slightly dip the rims of the glass in some water and afterwards onto a plate where you sprinkled some salt.

For serving, cut another lime into thin slices and cut a small notch into each. Put a slice of lime over the rim of each glass. Fill the glasses with your Margarita mix.

If you want, you can also grate some lime zest and decorate the top of each drink with it.

How Do Cannabis Drinks Taste?

If you have any experience with cannabis, then you already have an idea of its unique flavor. No matter the cannabis ingredient, it adds an herbal undertone to any drink you mix it into.

The exact flavor will vary with the strain of cannabis. In general, the taste can be likened to a bright green and leafy, floral herb. With alcohol—even in a tincture—it can have a sunflower-like flavor. 

Cannabis is a surprisingly versatile flavor pairing that mixes well with a variety of ingredients and most liquors. It’s worth exploring how it tastes with fruits, cream, sweets like chocolate, and other herbal ingredients.

Marijuana and Alcohol Precautions

The clear facts are that marijuana will get you high, and alcohol can get you drunk. Both are sedatives, but they cause different reactions within the body, and that is where the concern lies.

Those who drink know that liquor can hit you rather quickly. Like edibles, it takes longer to feel the effects of cannabis “drinkables” than when smoking marijuana. Depending on your personal metabolism, regularity of use, and other factors, it can take an hour or two to feel the high from a marijuana-infused drink. The feeling can also last longer or be more intense than you might expect or necessarily enjoy. It is not uncommon for drinkers to feel high for five to six hours; some report feeling its effects into the next day or experiencing a level of paranoia not typical of normal marijuana use. While that applies to THC, some people experience drowsiness and other less intense effects with CBD-only cocktail ingredients.

These concerns and conversations extend into the bartending community because some bars in states where recreational cannabis is legal are serving cannabis cocktails. The majority use CBD oil for its taste. Though the laws are continually changing, it is illegal in most countries to combine THC and alcohol for commercial purposes, whether in bars or alcoholic products like beer, liquor, and wine. In products like cannawine, hemp seeds are used for flavor.

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