Cannabis Cotton Candy

Cannabis Cotton Candy

Cannabis Cotton Candy

We all love our share of sweets and chocolates and have irresistible cravings every once in a while. Getting infected with a sweet tooth is so common these days that there are very few of us who manage to escape from its shackles. Ice creams, cupcakes, candies and tarts! Oh! How we love them all. And yes, the best of the lot is cotton candy. Soft, sweet and delicious, it melts in our mouth within seconds, leaving us craving for more.

Well, savoury sweet cotton candy just got better with our new recipe. You can now make weed cotton candy all by yourself and that too in a jiffy. And we’ve all heard this one thing about weed before – it is medicinal and has its own set of benefits. It sure does and infused with the sugary sweetness of cotton candy, it makes for a killer combination.

Cannabis Cotton Candy

Gone are the days when you needed to pass around a joint in your cousin’s dark and damp basement to get some kind of high. Today, you can get that same sweet feeling a number of different ways – gummy bears, popsicles, lollipops, and of course the go-to, baked goods.

Now, thanks to a company called B-Edibles, you can add cotton candy to the list. That’s right folks, your favourite fluffy childhood treat just got even more magical.

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Based in San Diego, B-Edibles officially launched in February and specializes in organic cotton candy infused with cannabis. Currently, they are in the process of launching infused sugar cubes that are micro-dosed to 10mg per cube. The company is also working on sugar substitute cubes that diabetic and cancer patients have requested.

The candy floss is made from naturally gluten and allergen-free, non-GMO organic sugar, and comes in a variety of different flavours. Some of the flavours include lavender, rose, watermelon, mango, orange, coconut and pineapple.

The company’s mission is to embrace individuality and bring colour to the cannabis community by being your authentic and beautiful self. Founder Vanessa Corrales says that before she got into the cannabis community she saw a lack of uniqueness among brands and that everything – colours, themes, taglines – started to look the same. 

“For decades, I had a personal struggle with my individuality. I thought for many years that being myself wasn’t an option because work didn’t approve or people around me thought I wasn’t like them,” Corrales shares. “Fast forward to today, I thought that if I was going to be a part of my cannabis community, I would need to fit in with what already existed. I didn’t identify with anything that was available. I don’t smoke cannabis everyday, all day. I consume cannabis when my body or mind needs it, so again I would need to change in order to belong. I wasn’t okay with that option.”

Corrales knew that to stand out she would need to create a product that was noticeably different from chocolate bars or baked goods; anything else that was already on the market. She landed on cotton candy after meeting with some friends who are chefs to discuss different options. “Candy Floss or Cotton Candy was the best option since I’ve had a non-medicated cotton candy catering company for a few years now, so I already know how to work with sugar.”

The bright colours and fun packaging alone is enough to make B-Edibles standout. “Another amazing aspect of cotton candy is that it makes people nostalgic, it brings them to their happy place when they were kids and that brings smiles to faces without even opening the product,” Corrales says. However, unlike the traditional sugar-on-a-stick traditionally found at carnivals, circuses and fairs, B-Edibles is made without the use of artificial flavours, colours or preservatives, and uses lab tested C02 oil for their cannabis extracts. Because it is fresh to order and uses natural ingredients, the shelf life for the cotton candy is only 30 days. But based on the feedback so far – the company has been awarded three edible awards since beginning their journey – consumers will be lucky if there’s any left by then.

As of now, only California verified medical marijuana patients can get this sweet treat, and the best method of obtaining the edible is to request it at a local dispensary where one is a registered patient, or visit the B-Edibles stand at local events. B-Edibles also caters events, which is where most of their patient interaction has been made so far, however they are working to get into some dispensaries so that even more patients can experience the product.

“I want B-Edibles (“Be”) to embrace uniqueness, self-respect, happiness and confidence,” says Corrales. “Introducing cannabis into my life wasn’t just helping with my endometriosis pain, it helped me love myself again and be happy with the woman I have become. I truly believe that Be will help with breaking the stigma surrounding cannabis with its colourful approach, specifically in the Hispanic community. This 2 letter word is the be-ginning. Be amazing, Be loved, Be pain-free, Be colorful, Be medicated, Be yourself, just start Being.”

Cannabis Cotton Candy

How To Make Cannabis Cotton Candy From Scratch


For this unique Cannabis Cotton Candy recipe, you’ll need

  • 3-4 THC Hard Candies
  • 2 Scoops of Flossine
  • Mortar & Pestle
  • Cotton Candy Machine $30-$40 on Amazon
  • Lollipop Sticks


  • 2-3 weed candies
  • 2 scoops flossine

Kitchen equipment

  • mortar and pestle
  • cotton candy machine
  • lollipop sticks
  • measuring scoop


Crush 2-3 weed candies using the mortar and pestle. Add flossine to the powder and crush it again. It’s important to ensure that the powdered candy is smooth and fine.

Next, the powdered mixture needs to be spun into candy with the help of the cotton candy machine. To use the candy machine correctly, it’s important to set it on a steady, flat and smooth surface. Also, ensure that the machine is placed at a safe height, away from the reach of children and pets. Once the necessary precautions are taken, the cotton candy machine is set to be used.

Once in place, turn on the candy machine’s mortar and fill the floss head with about 2 scoops of the candy-flossine mixture. You might want to make sure that you are not filling more than 90% of the floss head.

The secret to spinning the perfect cotton candy is getting the details right, starting from the very beginning till the very last step.

After about 30-40 seconds of turning on the heat, you will see threads of the candy forming in the machine. Dip a lollipop stick inside and gather the cotton candy by twirling the stick around. Do not rotate the stick itself, but move it in a circular motion instead. Avoid touching the edges and turn off the machine once the cotton candy is done.

After a couple of trials, you’ll be able to spin the perfect weed cotton candy, much to the amazement of those around you!

It’s fluffy, it’s sweet and it has weed in it! What’s not to love about it? And of course, we almost forgot, it’s sumptuously pink as well — our very own cotton candy at its best!

If you like our recipe, you’ll like the video even better. Here’s the link to “Making Cotton Candy with the Weed Guy. Try it out, for you’re in for a stony surprise!

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