AK24 Hybrid

AK24 Hybrid

The AK24 hybrid strain is a real gem in the cannabis realm. If you enjoy sour and tangy fruits, the AK24 hybrid may be for you. This strain might help with arthritis, muscular discomfort, and headaches while also providing profound relaxation.

A karat is a method of assessing the purity of gold. When you see gold labeled as AK24 hybrid, it implies that it is 100% pure, or that it hasn’t been combined with another metal. You know you’re dealing with a high-quality hybrid because the strain’s name refers to the highest level of gold purity.

What Is the AK24 Hybrid Strain?

Platinum Kush X is a potent indica-dominant hybrid (60 percent indica, 40 percent sativa) developed by DNA Genetics. It’s a cross between the award-winning indica Kosher Kush and the delectable sativa Tangie, making it a cannabis royalty.

The AK24 hybrid is a quicker-acting cerebral strain than most indica-dominant strains. Because of its strength, this strain is more appropriate for experienced marijuana users. 24K isn’t suitable for those with little or no prior experience with high THC marijuana strains. Some AK24 hybrid consumers may feel like they’re on psychedelics.

Users of the AK24 hybrid experience a sense of intoxication at first. Vision and hearing hallucinations are the most common alterations in sensory perception. These negative side effects may be frightening and overwhelming for novices, while experts may find them fascinating or amusing.

The soothing and calm aromas of ‘AK24 hybrid’ boost the indica effects. The cerebral high begins with a sense of euphoria and pleasure, but it fades as the indica effects set in. Because people tend to experience strong relaxation as a result of this strain, it’s better for use at night rather than in the morning.

This marijuana strain’s couch-lock effect will result from overindulgence. This won’t be a problem for you if you’d prefer to sit and watch TV. If you have prior obligations, though, avoid eating AK24 hybrid weed beforehand.


The aroma of AK24 is quite similar to that of Tangie. When shredded, the buds give off a somewhat spicy scent with an incense-like undertone.


The odor of the ‘K-Lar’ hybrid is what you can anticipate from this strain’s flavor. It has a sweet, fruity, citrusy-orange flavor that tastes as wonderful as it smells. Some people claim to detect a little peppery aftertaste when smoking AK24 hybrid marijuana. The smoke produced by AK24 hybrid is thick and smooth, with no harshness in the throat or lungs.


A mature AK24 hybrid plant produces medium to huge-sized blooms with a dense indica-type bud structure. These buds can be round or nearly spade-shaped, depending on the strain. The leaves are light green and have brilliant crimson pistils that stand out against them. As a result of the trichomes, an AK24 hybrid has a wintry frosted appearance.

AK24 Hybrid Strain Grow Info

This plant is said to be difficult to grow indoors by seasoned AK24 hybrid growers. However, in a sunny and warm, semi-humid environment, it thrives outdoors. During the vegetative period, this plant tends to develop tall and elongate considerably. If you’re cultivating the 24K strain indoors, room will be a significant issue.

To keep their height in check, we recommend training your plants during the vegetative stage. Regular pruning will maintain their form more compact and enhance air flow, light exposure, and energy distribution to the budding leaves.

The AK24 hybrid’s indoor bloom period is 9-10 weeks, so patience and commitment are required. In the end, the hard work will be worth it since AK24 hybrid has a very high yield per square meter: approximately 16 ounces per meter squared.

In the garden, 24K is ready to harvest in late October. Its outdoor yield is even greater, at 21 ounces per plant.

Gold is a white, yellowish-white metal that has a distinctive golden tint. Since ancient times, people have used it in jewelry and industrial equipment, and civilizations even crafted sculptures out of it. The average THC content of gold is around 20%. Although this strain’s THC concentration may reach as high as 24%, AK24 hybrid’s CBD levels are extremely low at up to 0.2 percent.

Medical Benefits of the AK24 hybrid Strain

The THC: CBD ratio of the Sensi K umbrella strain is 24:1, which means it has a high level of both cannabinoids. This plant’s main health benefit is its ability to induce a sense of deep relaxation, which may help with stress reduction. Its lifting effects might also help with mood issues including sadness and anxiety by providing an uplifting effect.

Some users of the AK24 hybrid claim that in higher doses, it can cause drowsiness. As a result, expert cannabis smokers who suffer from sleeplessness may find this powerful strain useful.

The AK24 hybrid strain is also said to help with arthritic joint and muscular pain and headaches. Finally, because it frequently brings on the munchies, AK24 hybrid has an appetite-enhancing effect.

Possible Side Effects of the AK24 hybrid Strain

The most significant drawback of this strain is that it has a propensity to cause couch-lock in high doses. While some people may prefer to sit and relax, others may find it restricting and even annoying.

Novices, or those who overindulge, may experience a mild headache, anxiety, paranoia, or dizziness. Even moderate users of this strain can get cottonmouth and dry eyes as a result of smoking it in excess.

Final Thoughts

If you’re trying to relax and unwind, this is the strain for you. You’ll feel like you’ve struck gold with this one, but it’s important to consider the strain’s strength before deciding whether or not to consume it. While an AK24 hybrid’s average THC content can be as low as 16%, it can also be as high as 24%. As a result, it isn’t appropriate for beginners.

The THC content of the ‘Kanata Kush’ hybrid can range from 16% to 24%. The psychoactive effects of the AK24 hybrid may be too psychedelic for medicinal cannabis users. People wanting to alleviate the symptoms of their health problem may want to try strains with less severe side effects.

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