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How much aaaa cannabis delivery does it keep in the blood?

aaaa cannabis deliveryThe question of how much marijuana is kept in the blood is relevant for many cannabis connoisseurs. It is especially important to know those whose activities are related to the need to undergo medical examinations. Blood tests for marijuana are mandatory for conscripts, as well as for police recruits and a number of government agencies. Hemp tests are often performed in traffic accidents.

Doctors deduce the presence of traces of marijuana in the blood based on analysis of the psychoactive component - tetrahydrocannabinol. Since the duration of the presence of THC in the blood depends on many factors, it is impossible to unambiguously answer the question about the time of withdrawal of the substance from the body.

Once in the blood, the psychoactive cannabinoid THC starts to actively interact with the enzymes that are released by the liver. The result is a biochemical reaction. The THC turns first into a hydroxide, then into carboxylic acid, which accumulates in the fatty tissue and can be present for quite a long time. This is why traces of marijuana in the blood can be detected even months after tasting.

The following factors contribute to the long-term retention of THC metabolites in the adipose tissue:

  • High THC levels in marijuana (20% and above).
  • Regular use of marijuana for a long period of time (from several months).
  • Large amounts of adipose tissue.
  • Low-mobility lifestyle. If a person is not physically active, THC metabolites can stay in the adipose tissue for a very long time.
  • Slow metabolism.
  • Medical marijuana.
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aaaa cannabis deliverySince many factors influence the removal of marijuana from the blood, the following data can be called indicative. It is only possible to determine exactly how long THC is released from the body individually.

After a single use of marijuana, its traces will be completely out of the body in 4-10 days.

If a person occasionally uses marijuana, the withdrawal time is increased to 18 days.

With constant use of cannabis for recreational or medical purposes, the markers of THC presence in the blood can be preserved for 40-120 days.

How to speed up the removal of THC from the blood?

How can I get THC out of my blood quickly?

There are several ways that can help you get rid of traces of marijuana faster:

aaaa cannabis deliveryThe most effective way to get rid of traces of marijuana is by using plenty of fluid. You can drink clean water, green tea, cranberry juice, and diuretics. This will make metabolic processes faster, resulting in THC leaving the body through the urinary system.

To be physically active. Exercise, running, exercisable training will contribute to the effective work of the lymphatic system. The movement of the lymph through the body is stimulated by muscle contractions. The more a person moves, the faster cannabinoids will be removed from the body through the lymph nodes and skin.

Go to a sauna or bath. At high temperatures, THC metabolites will leave the body through the sweat glands.

Stick to a diet. Since THC breakdown products are mostly found in fatty tissue, it is better to eliminate fatty foods, sweets, pastries, and fried foods from your daily diet. This will help normalize the acid-alkaline balance and accelerate the breakdown of fat cells.

Choose varieties with high CBD content and medium THC content. The medical potential of such marijuana https://gg4.store/product-category/indica/ is very high. OBD is a cannabisoid that is not psychoactive, and its blood content is not usually tested.