Cannabis devotees don’t usually need a reason to light up. But if they want one, the holiday season is as good as any. As one recent email from a pot delivery service said, “Holidays SUCK. We can help.”

Legalization has made cannabis a more visible presence at festive gatherings across the board – from marijuana weddings to pot-infused fine dining. And while sharing edibles around the fireplace may not be quite as popular (yet) as passing around the Christmas cookies, there are plenty of ways to enjoy getting responsibly baked this holiday season.

A slew of holiday-themed products have already made their way on to the market. This Christmas, those who desire can take advantage of cannabis wreaths, Christmas ornaments , a cannabis advent calendar with a new strain for each day, and a “Mistletoke” bouquet. One can also find numerous holiday-inspired edibles recipes, from THC-spiked cider to pumpkin spice pancakes with THC butter.

And it’s not all about Christmas: the California-based Lowell Herb Co sells a Hanukkah gift set with strains for each of the Jewish holiday’s eight nights.

Unlike so many other modern holiday traditions, cannabis was likely familiar in biblical times.

Jesus, with his long hair and good vibes, is frequently identified as 420-friendly. It’s been speculated that the the oil he used to anoint the sick and perform miracles may have been cannabis oil. “Jesus was peaceful and loving. He went from house to house and was always accepted,” an amateur bible scholar told the Los Angeles Times in 2016. “Only a stoner could do that.”

Both the Old and New Testaments are especially fertile places to search for allusions to weed, with all those people talking to God. Moses had his vision of the burning bush, and isn’t cannabis also just a burning bush? (Woah, dude.) So this holiday season, getting stoned might help you get in touch with your higher power.

Cannabis can also ease the emotional strain of visiting relatives, or being alone, or any of the other reasons someone might reasonably seek out a holiday pick-me-up.

Or it might help you just lie on the couch, enjoy some good food, and watch episodes of The Simpsons. Either way, I won’t judge.

This is perfect for the stoner who is always on the go. The sticks are individually wrapped with honey flavor in 10 mg of CBD for a euphoric and relaxing experience. 

This can help alleviate stress and anxiety when your stoner friends come back from a busy and exhausting day. If your friend has a history of anxiety or spends little time on themselves, then CBD infused honey sticks can be a lifesaver. 

CBD & THC May Help With Depression

Sure, Christmas can be one of the most wonderful times of the year.

Gifts, warm wishes, season greetings, and most importantly: marijuana will help to get through the rest of 2020.

For many, Christmas just isn’t cool. Depression and anxiety rear their ugly heads, and some feel even more isolated than ever.

Studies have shown that CBD and THC may be helpful in decreasing depression and anxiety.

Hemp Facemask


Sometimes, your face can have wrinkles, acne, get dried up, or be oily. Fortunately, the hemp facemask contains natural CBD ingredients and other nutrients to replenish your skin. 

The relaxing CBD components help reduce wrinkles while the nutrients and extra hydration help provide moisture to your face. With this moisturizing hemp facemask, it will make your skin vibrant and leave you feeling fresh!

The Vegan Stoner Cookbook


If your loved one is a vegan and a stoner, then this cookbook is an extraordinary gift to them. It has 100 easy vegan recipes to create and consume. The book shows that cooking does not have to be complicated. In fact, it can turn a slacker into a culinary genius. 

With this cookbook, you will be able to whip up some of the most delicious and relaxing meals with a few ingredients in a minimal amount of time. These recipes contain breakfast, lunch, dinner, and tasty snacks in between.

Don’t get us started about the mint green smoothie, animal cookies, churro chips, and much more.

Toking Hazard

If your friend loves a good laugh, then Toking Hazard can be a dream come true. It has 50 marijuana cards to knock you off your feet. With these cards, you will be able to experience the existential crisis through the eyes of a stoner. You can also show your life situation in both a funny and weird way. 

In addition to the cards, there is a secret in each box. The box is oversized to fit the surprise that will leave your friend craving for more.

Raw Rolling Kit


Some stoners prefer their weed the old fashioned way by rolling up a joint instead of smoking it through glass or a bong.

This is an excellent Christmas present that contains rolling papers, filters, tips, hemp wick, travel containers, grinders, rolling machines, and much more. With this rolling kit, your stoner friend is ready to rock the world.

Take-Home Message

Your stoner friend means a lot to you. He or she enjoys the pleasure that marijuana can bring. So why not give them a marijuana Christmas gift that they will never forget. 

We have provided you with a list of creative and wonderful gifts for stoners. These gift ideas can range from card games and odor neutralizers, all the way to a complete grow kit, and much more. 

With these types of presents, the possibilities of putting a smile on your friend’s face are endless, so what are you waiting for? It’s time to cherish the holiday with these creative gifts.

Making CBD or THC Gummies!

Create a delicious batch of gummies so you have them on hand at all times.

Plus, making them is relaxing and calming, too!

Throw on a little Christmas music, and be present, in-the-moment doing something fun indoors.

The results will yield fun little gummies and you may start to feel better after taking them for a few days.

Of course, everyone is different.


  • Gummy bear mold


  • 1 tbsp cannabis tincture
  • 1 cup strawberries or fruit of choice
  • ½ cup water
  • 1 tbsp lemon juice
  • 2 tbsp honey ⅓
  • 1/3 Ounce gelatin (Agar is also an option)


  • Blend 1 cup of strawberries with the water till smooth.
  • Strain through a sieve into a pot.
  • On medium heat add the lemon juice and honey and take off the heat.
  • While off the heat but still hot, add your cannabis tincture and gelatin and stir well.
  • Divide the mixture in a gummy bear silicone matt, and refrigerate or blast-chill in freeze for at least an hour till gelatin is set.

Create a Cannabis-Cozy Atmosphere

Creating the perfect ambiance or atmosphere for the holiday’s is a stoner’s priority!

Have a fireplace or outdoor firepit? Turn that bad boy on! Candles? Get them lit!

Grab some cozy slippers, jogging pants, hoodies and comfies and decorate your place for Christmas while listening to your fav holiday music!

(I wouldn’t be Canadian if I didn’t tell you to turn on some Michael Buble, because nothing (besides weed) says Christmas like Buble!)

Creating a cozy atmosphere in your home increases all of those feel-good chemicals like endorphins that get you in the right kind of mood.

( and we could all use a but of Christmas cheer in 2020, right?)

String up lights, decorate the tree, and just let yourself get consumed with Christmas for an afternoon. Wrap some gifts, and get festive.

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